can i leave my digital eletric smoker outside?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by john kelly, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. john kelly

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  2. tsin

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    I leave mine outside with the cover on has been there for around 3 years  no problem..I live in Wyoming..
  3. Mine has lived outside on my deck since the day I got it. It has a roof over it but no cover on the smoker. It gets used many more days than not & I've had no trouble with it...
  4. john kelly

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    good ty for helping,  i also was wondering if urs and mine are the same generation ive been reading new gen smokers isnt quite as good as the old.
  5. No problem man  [​IMG]   Mine is the older version.
  6. john kelly

    john kelly Fire Starter

    cool can i get ur model number if its no problem so i can check mine?   ty
  7. I'm down at my shop right now - I'll get it when I go up to the house for a bite to eat shortly...
  8. Ok I'm getting ready to go up - I'll get you that number directly...
  9. Ok mine is a model 20070910
  10. john kelly

    john kelly Fire Starter

    wow thnx looks like i got lucky got the same 1
  11. Good deal  [​IMG]   You can crank out some good eats with it  [​IMG]   The two best things I ever did for mine were to get an AMNPS & do my version of the mailbox mod - I've never looked back since then... Enjoy your new MES!  [​IMG]
  12. john kelly

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    with my old char broil i just put pellets in the chip pan worked great saved me $ too.ill try on my new 1 to seeif it works out
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