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  1. Just received my new Chef Camp PS24ls rig.I upgraded from an MES30 using an amps. Did the burn in, then put it through the paces just to see how the temp range was on each setting. The manual said it should hold temp within 15 degrees either way. It seems to do that for the most part. It seems to take about an hour to settle in to a more precise temp. I was bought a bag of Traeger hickory pellets just to experiment with the temp control.

     Had the unit set up in about a half hour. Poured the pellets in and I was off and running. Followed the manual and burned off an 350.Then started trying it out at different temps. This rig seems to burn a little hot. On the high smoke setting the manual says it's at 225, I found it to average more on the hotter side. 130-140, low temp 112. Maybe just the pellets I used. Also there seemed to be a lot of ash from the Treager pellets.

     Over all this I think this will be a really nice rig for the money.
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    Congrats on the new rig!  I've heard good things about those Camp Chefs.

    You're correct that different pellets burn differently and may affect your cooker's performance...both in pellet consumption and in ash production.  I've never noticed huge differences in the smoke taste of different pellets, but different brands will definitely burn faster/slower, and produce more/less ash.

    Good luck with the new pit, and happy smoking!  [​IMG]

  3. Thanks for the reply Red. Which brand of pellets do you find burn the best for you with the least amount of ash?
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    My personal favorite pellet is CookinPellets 100% Hickory.  I believe they burn better and make more smoke than most other pellets I've tried.  But they do make quite a bit of ash, and I can only buy them retailer in my area carries them.  I usually wait for Amazon to have a good deal, then order a few bags from them with free shipping.  Another good brand is Lumberjack...IMO pretty comparable to CookinPellets, but again, I can't buy them locally, and I can usually order CookinPellets cheaper than Lumberjack.

    The rest of the time, I burn B&B pellets that I can buy at my local Academy Sports and Outdoors.  They are blended pellets (a mix of oak and either hickory, apple, mesquite, or pecan).  I don't believe they make quite as much smoke as the CookinPellets do, but they're more affordable and they burn pretty good, and seem to produce less ash.

    Best thing for you to do is try several brands for yourself and see what you like the best.  I imagine that in KC, you'll have many more options at your local retailers than I have.  You may find a brand you really like that I've never even tried.

    Hope that helps...good luck!

  5. I hahave been looking into the campchef how is it going now that you had for a little longer?
  6. So far so good. I did seal the lid to stop some of the leaks. The more I use it the better the temp range seems to dial in. Did a cook last night at 225. High temp was 233 and low temp was around 208.

    Not as much smoke flavor as I'm used to but it's there and very enjoyable. I'm going to try some 100% hickory pellets, hopefully I'll get a little more smoke profile.

    I wish I would have spent the extra $50 and got the model with the bells and whistles. The clean out door for the ash, the warming shelf, the side shelf. All in all I would recommend this rig. Like all cookers you have to practice and learn your rig.

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