Busy saturday first smoke on WSM 18.5

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  1. Hello,

    I was able to convince my boss that the used WSM that was donated to my job really had no place being there and would do much better in my back yard. The boss agreed and I have had the WSM waiting to be used for the last three weeks. I usually work 6-7 days a week so I have not had any free time to break in the new toy. This past weekend though I had a rare saturday off and I had big plans.

    I started by making a batch of andouille sausage and rubbing down some baby back ribs on friday. Let them both sit in the fridge overnight to be cooked saturday. also I wanted to make some boudin sausage to throw on the smoker as well.

    decided to do the ribs on the performer.

    A rack to hold us over until dinner

    Andouile was put on the WSM for 3.5 hours, held it around 90 for the first hour to get a good amount of smoke on the sausage and then slowly started adding more coals to raise the temp, cooked it around 170 for the last 2.5 until cooked.

    Have smoked sausage many times before and really like the flavor of the andouille I make. I am sure a cajun would argue me about it being real andouille since it is not smoked for long as traditional andouille is.  But everyone I give it to likes it and it imparts a great smokey flavor with just enough heat to any dish you add it too. My dad made some red beans and rice to go along with dinner and it tasted great in that.

    This was my first time doing boudin. I really like boudin but do not care to much for liver so I left it out. Cooked the meat and jalapenos, poblanos, onion, garlic, and other spices then chopped and added the rice and some of the broth before stuffing into casings. let it sit in the kitchen while the andouille was cooking so that it could form a pellicule so the smoke could adhere to it. smoked the boudin for a hour and a half. just did low heat since it was already cooked, just wanted to get good smoke flavor. Came out pretty tasty! really good with some creole mustard.

    Had a great time and am excited to gain a better grasp on the WSM and smoke many more meats on it. Would love to make it taller so that I could hang sausage in it. Will have to figure out a good Mod for this. All meats were enjoyed with Ballast Point Big Eye IPA and I used apple wood for the smoke.

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    Looks GREAT!!!
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    Awesome job and congrats on finding a good home for the smoker.

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