Brisket, Dutches beans, Burnt ends & ABT's with lots of Qview

Discussion in 'Beef' started by rbranstner, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. rbranstner

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    Well I decided I was long over due for a brisket so I  picked up a 12.5 lb full packer at Sams club on Friday. There was a blizzard on Friday night so I decided to smoke it on Sunday instead. I  injected the brisket Saturday night and let it rest until the morning then I rubbed  it down with the Cookshack Brisket Rub I had. I threw it  on the smoker  at around 250 degrees and took it to 165 then foiled the full packer and put it back in the smoker until it hit 200 then I removed the point from the  flat and the flat went into the cooler and the  point got made into burnt ends. This was the first time I left the packer whole throughout the cook. Normally I remove them right away before they go on the smoker. I don't think I will ever seperate them ahead of time again. It was much easier seperating them once  it was cooked. Lots of good food but I have been sick all weekend so I don't feel up to eating any of it. Hopefully I can dig in later this week. It only took around 7 hours for the brisket to get up to 200 degrees internal temp. It was very juicy and tender. One of the best ones I have done so far.

    Here is the full packer.


    All trimmed up. I left the most amount  of fat on the brisket that I ever have and I loved it with more fat.


    Here is the injection.


    All of the fat I trimmed off which was around 3 lbs. I put it in the freezer and  I am thinking about using it for sausage.


    All rubbed and waiting for  the smoker to come up to temp.


    Going into the foil pan.


    Going back into the smoker after being foiled. I also added the ABT's and Dutches beans.


    Removing the point from the flat.


    The burnt ends going back onto the smoker.


    The brisket all sliced up.


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  2. miamirick

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    so let me get this straight,   your too sick to eat it,  but you feel good enough to smoke it,   and they say this is not an addiction!

    send ot down here ill look after it till you feel better!
  3. fpnmf

    fpnmf Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Sorry you are sick..

    Great looking chow!!

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  4. the dude abides

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    LOL  and not to sick to take pictures and post them on the internet.  You are sick man.  A sick, sick man. 

    Get well soon.  You've got a brisket waiting for you.
  5. daveomak

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    What The Dude said + keep another brisket on hand for when you get sick again? 
  6. Looks awesome...everything looks Delicious. When you feel better you have some fine looking Que waiting for you...[​IMG]
  7. beer-b-q

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    From the looks of that brisket you should get sick every time you decide to smoke something...

    But then again, just think what you could do if you were well...
  8. thebarbequeen

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    Damn, Ross! Now I gotta do another brisket!   Can't tell you how much I appreciate your posts, input and advice. I always look forward to what you've got to say.  Now, get outta bed, and eat that brisket!  Cheers!
  9. gnubee

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    Oh Crap , I got the names mixed up , it seems that I am a 3 day drive away instead of 2 hours. I probably won't make the trip but honestly from the looks of that Q and only a 2 hour drive you might have had to beat me off with a stick. For some reason I thought I was talking to Dave in Omak.

    Ok . Dave here's the thing. Your sick and need help eating all that chow. I on the other hand am not sick and live just a 2 hours drive and an international border north of you on a good snow free road. Plus I am over 16 so I have a vehicle, a passport and a valid drivers license and a map. Are you starting to get the picture? You know I will sacrifice a 1/2 day to zip down eat up all that chow which is really in danger of going bad and thus help save a buddy no small amount of grief sort of a hands across the border thing. How's that for international friendship.  

    Hint hint , nudge  nudge, fudge fudge, say no more say no more.

    Ps We are hoping to get to the stampede this year , good lord willing and the creek don't rise.
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  10. realtorterry

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    Wow those burnt ends look good from here! Maybe you send them here for safe keeping till you better:grilling_smilie:
  11. smokinal

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    Great job there Ross, thanks for the input on splitting the brisket ahead of time or when it's cooked. It seems to me that you wouldn't get as much smoke penetration in the flat with the point on top of it. Am I wrong?
  12. bearcarver

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    Everything looks absolutely Awesome!!!

    Now go to bed & Get Well !!!

    Thanks for the views!

  13. rbranstner

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    I will have to get back to you on that as I haven't really tasted it other than a few pieces I grabbed when I was cutting it. Great flavor and very moist. I basically  cut everything up as fast as I could and cleaned up and went to bed so I wasn't really paying attention. I am home from work today and still feeling just as bad if not worse than yesterday so hopefully I can dig into some tonight or tomorrow and let you know.

    With that being said what do most of you guys do? Do you separate the point from the flat right away or do you separate them once it is done? Also with leaving all that extra fat on there it was so darn juicy that  I almost didn't foil it at all during the smoke. I though about leaving it on the smoker the whole time because of how juicy it was. I think I might try that next  time. Leaving all that fat on there seem to make it so darn juicy and flavorful. But again I have not really eaten any yet so I will have to  get back  to  you to confirm  that.
  14. dutch

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    Ross, sorry to hear that you're under the weather.

    Here is how I've done m last 3-4 briskeys-  I trim some of the fat from the point; then I remove the fat kernels from between the flat and the point and seperate the two aout 2/3rd of the down the length but don't remove the point from the flat.  I then take some of the fat that I trimmed from the point and insert it between the point and flat.  The briskey then gets rubbed down with Worcestershire Sauce and dry rub, wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the fridge over night. 

    The next morning, the brisky is taken from the fridge, the plastic wrap removed and more rub placed on the brisky.  I then fire up the smoker and when it hits 275° the brisky goes on (the temp will drop) when the temp rises back up to 250° I adjust the air intakes to hold at that temp.  When the brisky hits 185-190° internal temp, I then seperate the point from the flat. I cut the point into cubes and put them into a foil pan and add more rub to the mix.  The flat get placed into it's own foil pan and place into the oven set at 170° (lowest setting).
  15. jdubya101

    jdubya101 Newbie

    I give that a 12/10, one fine looking brisket....and those burnt ends are to die for.
  16. tyotrain

    tyotrain Master of the Pit

    It all looks great. Man bet that was tasty nice job [​IMG]
  17. redneck69

    redneck69 Smoking Fanatic

    [​IMG]   brisket...very nice!
  18. rp ribking

    rp ribking Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Ross, brisket looks great!!![​IMG]

    I do not cut any fat off, I smoke fat up for 1/2 the smoke and fat down for the other 1/2 of the smoke (I know, lots of discussion about that) and I do not foil except when resting. I have not made burnt ends yet. I keep the full packer whole and just slice. There is such an end result difference between foiled and not foiled during the smoke.
  19. shooterrick

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    Hey you guys leave him alone!  I appreciate a man who has his prioritys straight!  You can be too sick to eat but not to smoke!  LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  20. jakerz66

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    Now that's dedicated! Even from your death bed you continue to ply your craft.... Very nice

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