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    Gonna try brining my chicken thighs for first time and a few questions for you pro's out there...

    1.) the thghs have skin on I need to remove the skin?

    2.) someone said to add sea salt and water, make sure they are all submerged, then put back in the fridge for 6-8 hours before smoking?  Is that fairly accurate?

    3.) Is chicken worth injecting with worcester or something else after brining?  Or should I just slap some butter on and my rub?  

    Finally, looks like 160 is the temp to shoot for or about 2 hours at 275 degrees?  Will the thermometer take an accurate temperature reading in chicken thighs?

    Thanks for the help fellas...and helping a noob.

    Appreciate the great advice I always get here...
  2. 1.  I like the skin. I also smoke chicken @ 325° or higher for crispy skin.

    2. sea salt is fine. I use kosher salt. I also add other herbs for more flavor.

    3. Some times i inject. Most of the time I just rub,

    Shoot for 170° in a thigh. Yes you can get accurate temp in a thigh. Just don't hit the bone. cook by temp. Not by time.

    Their is nothing written in stone. Go with what you like.

    Remember to post a Qview.

    Happy smoken.

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    i also like the skin

    i like sea salt

    iv never brined anything but a turkey...always just rubbed...mustard then rub

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