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    Hello, I'm new to the site, but I've been creeping smoker builds for some time. I've decided to build an outdoor kitchen island, and I want to include a built-in smoker. I currently have a WSM 22.5, and think it's time for a little more rack space. I have a few questions concerning the smoker part of my build. I came up with this approximate drawing with free model software. I planned on using metal studs and cement board with a stone veneer, because I am more familiar with them than a pure block build. I was going to use block for the smoker portion, as I know enough about masonry to build a square shaft out of block. Would I need to line the block with "fire brick", and if so, who sells these in bulk? Also, I notice everyone has what appears to be custom doors. I was thinking about using insulated stainless steel doors that are already made. Would they be okay to use, or would I need heavy steel doors made? I appreciate any responses. Thanks

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    Wow, that is sweet lookin'!  Nice Sketchup illustration.
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    A partial answer to your questions. I think you would need to line the smoker part with fire brick. I recently built a concrete block smoker and lined it with fire brick. The bottom certainly needs to be fire brick and likely lined up to your cooking grate. When concrete gets too hot, it tends to explode as trapped moisture turns to steam. You can obtain fire brick from major brick suppliers like Acme Brick. Mine were 2.5 x4.5 x9 inches. I had to buy a pallet in order to get a decent price per brick. A Pallet was 225 bricks. Even then, they were $1.65 each and this was in 2012. Having said that, I know of pits that are not lined and do just fine. A compromise might be to line the bottom only.
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