Bradley Smoker vs Masterbuilt Smoker Pros Cons (advice needed)

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mrsmoky, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Hey everybody!,

    Mr. Smok(e)y here! Thanks for poppin in. I am looking to purchase a smoker big enough for a family and to entertain with some super smokey and flavorful results!!!

    I am seeing a Bradley digital 6 rack smoker that looks good. I also have been looking at a GOSM smoker and a Masterbuilt 40/30 smoker. Originally my budget was 300+ but my father is getting interested and it seems we want to "chip" in together and get something truly awesome. prolly $500 when all is said and done (Tax, wood chips, biscuits etc)

    Which do you prefer? We want to make sure we get something that is going to blow us away with flavor but also be practical to use and convenience would be nice. We are both beginners to dedicated smokers but have had a good amount of experience in grilling, indirect heat, wood chips and pellets. 

    Want to avoid anything that will be tooo expensive to replenish proprietary woods, biscuits or things of that nature (forgive my lack of correct terminology). But quality takes priority here as well. Not lookin to spend hours cleanin either. Has to be average clean up. 

    We're thinkin of Goin Electric but are open to pros and cons of all styles. Thank you for any and all advice.

    Flavorfully yours,

    Mr. Smoky
  2. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Masterbuilt for my money. Members will give you better info for your location than me way down here. 

    The combination of MES & AMZPS from Todd is way more cost effective than Bradley .I think that whole Bradley biscuit system is overdone & too clever for its own good.The pellets that go in the MES& AMZPS way better option & way cheaper.

    Get the 40 but look at the existing posts here about the temp probes & mods.DaveOmack knows a hell of a lot about extracting the best from an MES.

    There are some things you need to know about the absolute latest model Im sure somebody will be along shortly with the inside info.
  3. That's great Moikel!

    I certainly do appreciate your comment about the bradley biscuit system. I had a feeling it wasn't cost effective. You definitely got me leaning towards the Masterbuilt. I'd love to hear others weigh in on this also. Sounds like a good amount to understand. I definitely want to get the most out of any smoker we decide on!!! Thanks a great deal!!!
  4. badbob

    badbob Smoke Blower

    I have the MES40 with the AMNPS and have had great luck with it. No regrets!
  5. Thanks BadBob!

    Thats the confidence I need! almost a full on choice for the masterbuilt. anyone with any cons?! Thank you!!!
  6. ronrude

    ronrude Meat Mopper

    Many of us here have the MES and I don't think you will hear many bad things.

    I also have the AMNPS and it makes it very easy, but don't think you have to have it, but I definately recomend it.

    What I don't like about the Bradley is that you are limited to their wood choices.  With the MES, I can use any chips I can find or make on my own.  The Bradly is a good unit, just too limiting for me.
  7. I really appreciate the confidence everybody! It can be very nerve racking trying to figure this all out but it seems MANY people love this smoker and the A-Maze-N Pellet smoker. It makes it an easy choice. Anyone know where I can get the best deal? I live in Long Island New York. Should I order online...look for it in stores? Thanks again.
  8. Sam's Club has the MES 40" for $299.00

  9. Thanks DiggingDogFarm,

    I'll see if they have one by me. I might aslo try restaurant depot or B.J,'s/Costco.
  10. Sam's doesn't stock them in my area, but , of course, it can be ordered in.

  11. Is this the one guys? 

    I also read this review about the masterbuilt 30 which I was considering....I am new so forgive my ignorance. Is this guy full of it or a hack??

    Here is the review: 1 out of 5 stars.

    by some guy:

    "As a smoker, the Masterbuilt is a 1. In fact, it is not a smoker at all. It is an outdoor oven, capable of roasting tasty foods, but it is not a smoker. Okay, when you first fire it up and the heating element is hot it will produce a lot of smoke. But once the oven gets up to temperature, the heating element only operates intermittently to keep the oven temperature steady. Then your smoldering wood chips go out, and your "smoking" is pretty much over. Google Masterbuilt and you'll see the scores of postings seeking help in how to keep the unit producing smoke. I keep mine smoking by periodically using my propane torch to reignite the wood chips. I'll do this 4 or 5 times during a 4 hour slow bake. The unit gets 4 and 5 stars by the majority of the users, and as an outdoor oven works great. It even adds a smoke tinge to the meat and a very mild trace of smoke flavor as well. But if you have tasted smoked meats and crave that flavor, you're in for a huge disappointment. As a "smoker," it's a 1: period."

    thanks again!
  12. rabbithutch

    rabbithutch Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Go with the MES40 and don't even THINK about usin' it without Todd Johnson's AMNPS and some pellets from him.  He's a regular here and shares lots of information, plus he's always helpful when you have a question.  You will also need a remote digital meat thermometer and I think Todd has them for about $60 bucks - but check his website for final prices.  That list of gear and goods will get you pretty close to your budget and leave you some left to buy a couple of briskets or pork shoulders and the foil pans and wrap and ziplocs you'll need.

    I went that route before Thanksgiving last year and enjoy the smoker more each time I try something on it.  I think I'm gonna smoke some cheese tomorrow - or maybe Thursday 'cause I didn't finish the yard work today and I don't want to get beat 2 days in a row from the gal I married 51 years ago.

    ALSO - and this might be the most important tip - search for posts by DaveOmak and read about all the tests and simple mods he's made to his MES.

    Enjoy!  Welcome to the fire!
  13. Thanks a plenty rabbithutch!!

    Pleasure to be in such good company and knowledgable folks. I will spend some time tomorrow looking up Todd and DaveOmak.

    wow I have only been on this forum 2 days and got plenty of info and met some nice people. What a great place to be!! I'm turnin in now. I'll be comin back round to see how your cheese turned out! Thats down the rd. for me too! Love some good smoked cheese! Talk to ya'll soon. I'll be back on tomorrow!

  14. Sounds like that guy got one without the smoker box upgrade.
    It's nothing to worry about with current models, it's certainly nothing to worry about if you buy the AMNPS.

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  15. Hi, I've the mes 30 no window got it for the motorhome for places with fire bans. I am really impressed with it. Also have an ecb never got it to work right now its my cold smoker with the AMPS.  and a brinkman trailmaster offset then my favorite go to an old GOSM set and forget, the mes is also kind of but the heater comes on goes up past the mark then down past the mark, once you figure out what temp to set and don't freak with the temp swings.
  16. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    MES 40 just about to land here,no window $625  rrp $699 ouch[​IMG]Bit hard to justify upgrade from my MES 30. What happens when you live way down here & with different power. Our dollar = 103 US as well. 
  17. Bradley biskets sitting out in the New York damp air waiting their turn to be partially consumed ..

    Then falling in to that bowl of water that has to be changed every three hours ( must give off a great smell ) ... Read manual

    Manual also says " do not let rain water come in contact with smoker at any time " just like masterbuilt but the controls on the top of the masterbuilt are easier to protect in a sudden down poor as opposed to water hitting and running down the side of a Bradley. ..

    I live on the east coast also .. The above kept me away from the Bradley .. The weather at the beginning of a long smoke can't be guaranteed to always be the same 12 hours later in a coastal environment :)

    In Canada we have to import the MES 30/40 also .. cabela's .. And they only ship by air ..

  18. greenrn

    greenrn Fire Starter

    Morning Smokey I am new to the forum and to smoking I have a 40 MES and love it maintance and use is very simple the hard part is smoking the greatest tasting meats which brings me to this forum
  19. nepas

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    I have 4 Bradleys with 0 issues after going thru 4 MESPOJ.

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