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  1. Hey all I've been using my wsm 18.5 for just about a year now but have only really used the top rack. Next weekend I'm going to be cooking a brisket but want to make some smoked beans on the bottom rack.
    My question is where do you sit the top rack (and meat that's on it) when you have to do anything to the what's on the bottom rack. I will have to put the beans on well after the brisket starts plus I will prob have to stir it once in a while.
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    Okay, lets rethink your plan. 

    When smoking two types of meat (not what you are doing) always put on the bottom rack whatever takes the longest.  Plan placement of the second meat on the top rack so they'll be done at the same time.

    Since you are doing brisket and beans, the brisket requires some resting time.  You can use the top rack for the brisket, take it off when done to rest for a 2-3 hours, crank the temp up on the WSM to 300F or so and put the beans on the top rack.  Beans don't care whether it is low and slow or hot and fast.  Go with hot and fast.   
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    I might also add while I doubt it would be an issue, I would still tend NOT to put something that is not a chunk of meat (i.e. beans) BELOW something that is meat that is cooking for fear of drippings from the meat above going into the beans and somehow being an issue.

    Again, 99% of the time I doubt it would matter, but still why bother.  I'd put brisket on bottom, Beans on top closer to the end.  or follow Noboundies advice and just cook at the end.
  4. When I put beans below BBQ -which I do a lot-, I set a cpl bricks on my side table and remove the top grate meat and all and place it on the bricks. I do what I gotta do below and then replace the top rack meat and all.
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