boston butt and turkey with lots of picts

Discussion in 'Pork' started by caspian, Jul 28, 2014.

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    The rub was Bilbos. For the pork, I smoked slow for about 8 hours, then put it in a foil pan with apple juice and covered for the last 4. it turned out great.

    For the turkey, I stuffed with apples, cherries, and onion. Brined for 24 hours (probably should have gone longer, but it took longer to thaw than i thought. I smoked the turkey breast side down in a foil pan. This kept the meat immersed and it worked out well. juicy and smoky.

    Both were smoked on my double drum over apple wood.

    The pork was last weekend, turkey this weekend. While the turkey smoked, I built the TV cabinet (see the last picture). The patio is almost done. Its been a 3 year project and all done by me.

    Edited to add, i have no clue why the images are upside down. They look fine on my photobucket account. sorry about that.


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    baddass that a flat screen tv?
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    yes, 42" flat screen. It was an open box special. Hitachi for $235. i figured it if lasts 2 seasons or more, i'm ahead of the game. the box is outdoor plywood, all seams sealed with silicon, and weatherproof foam gasket. I will take it out during the winter. I got a transmitter box from amazon, so i can watch and control my direct TV being sent from another room. thanks
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    Great smoke and awesome patio! Nicely done!

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