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  1. Guys in trying to get set to make some bologna. I have a few question.
    1. Does the typical grocery have powdered dextrose?
    2. some recipes call for citric acid and some don't. Why is that?
    3. Should all recipes require powdered dextrose (about 1/2 tbsp /lb)?
    4. Should all recipes require soy protein or non fat dry milk?

    I now you should just follow a recipe but just trying to make some sense out of some of these recipes that you find.

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    1 You can't get it in the stores around here, you can sub plain sugar at about 70% of the dextrose amount. (Dextrose is not as sweet so you'd want to use less)

    2 the citric acid will give it a tang, I've never used it in a bolonga.

    3 my bologna doesn't use any dextrose or sugar... Mine are a cooked product, if it was for a fermented sausage you'd want to have the dextrose to feed the good germs.

    4 not required but I find either will help in keeping the finished product moist by holding water. some will say they never use it and you don't need it....Your choice I guess.

    Do ya care to share the recipe?

    Good luck, Dan
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  4. Almost any homebrew or winemaking shop should have dextrose (corn sugar)...some health foods stores carry it as well.

  5. Thanks everyone.

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