Best Practices for Increasing Smoke Business

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  1. here are two ways to increase Smoke sales: drive more opportunity through the sales funnel or focus on sales conversion of the existing opportunity in the sales funnel. The former is the role of demand generation planning and execution and that is typically tied to increase program spend. The latter go to market strategy requires a thorough understanding of the buying and selling process, knowledge of the resources available inside and outside the organization, and intelligence as to when and how to apply them.

    A Sales Enablement Function

    The purpose of a sales enablement function is to align the people, processes and systems within an organization to produce relevant and meaningful deliverables. By incorporating a logical, methodical and comprehensive process to selling, sales enablement increases sales conversion in the sales funnel. Simply stated, sales enablement ensures that a sales person has the right sales resources, at the right time and in the right format to drive deals successfully through the sales funnel and that directly increases the effectiveness of the go to market strategy.

    The Importance of Creating Compelling Sales Messages
    Sales messages are not the unique selling proposition. However, sales messages must be created within the messaging and positioning framework, in order to build and reinforce the brand.

    Unique selling propositions must not only clearly communicate a promise of value that an organization will deliver, but also create a belief on the part of the customer or prospect that value will be experienced. In addition the unique selling proposition should communicate economic value.

    Conversely, sales messages are the conversations that sales reps have with customers and prospects. In addition to supporting the unique selling proposition, a sales message must incorporate market trends, be industry-specific in the context of the competitive environment, and provide insights into the specific company.

    An Optimized Lead Management Process will Significantly Impact the Sales Funnel
    Optimising the lead management process will significantly impact the sales funnel by increasing the conversion of qualified leads to qualified opportunities. However, because there are so many moving parts, the opportunity for mishaps are abundant.
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    I have a funnel I use when I bottle BBQ sauce. It works really well but if I sell it don't I risk getting sauce all over the kitchen counter? Of course I could look for funnel sales at local stores, but I already have one, do I need more? I guess I'm a bit confused as to why I should sell my funnel.
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  3. You should never sell your funnel if work properly.

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