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  1. i just took bacon out of brine it had been in for 14 days,i dryed them off put bcp a.little bit of garlic [email protected] onion powder on them.they are hanging in smoker to dry for a couple of hrs.or till completely dry.i can not keep heat below 120 deg. so will let sun and amazing smoker be my heat scource for12-14 hrs.

    this sound about right to you folks?? i used pops brine and i believe he went from brine to smoker to dry like im doing.


    charles t.
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    Charles, morning....  Sounds good.... You can also use an electric fan to speed up drying.....  I have placed one in front of the smoker while the meat hangs...  either way is good....  Dave
  3. thanks dave,i just located a thermostate controled hot plate to use to get temps up 130 to assit bellies dryed out.

    charles t.
  4. eman

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    Careful w/ temps that high as you can render the fat out of the bacon.
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    I moved your bacon post from the sausage forum to the smoking bacon forum

    Good luck and dont forget to post some qveiw

  6. You could dry the bacon uncovered in the fridge overnight. I think a lot of people do it that way.

    130* feels little bit high, you may dry the surface too much. Just my 2c.

    I personally dry bacon after rinsing cure off at room temperature and blow a fan on it. It takes around 2 hours to form a pellicle.
  7. thanks eman,i cut heat back to 110 deg. it didn't seem totaly dry so i let it go a couple more hrs. then fired off the amazing smoker,been smoking since4:00 pm(nice blue smoke with hickory)

    charles t.

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