Baby Backs on the Dry side

Discussion in 'Pork' started by davet102, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. davet102

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    Just smoked 3 racks of Baby Backs yesterday.

    Used the 2-2-1 method.

    Meat was very tender and tastey, but on the dry side.

    Used Jeff's rub and sauce.

    The temps were in the 225-235 range all day.

    When I wrapped them I put apple juice in the wrap.

    They were nice an juicy when I started the final hour in the smoker.

    The last batch of these I made were great. These were good.

    The only difference was the apple juice. I did not use it in the first batch.

    Anyone got any ideas as to what might have caused this "dryness" in this batch of ribs???

    Sorry no Q-View for this one.

    Anyone have any other rubs that they like for ribs??

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  2. rbranstner

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    Are you positive your thermometers are accurate? If not you could be smoking hotter then you think and that could cause your ribs to be dry. Also maybe you got a really lean or small/thin rack and that could be why they are a bit on the dry side as well.

    The first time what did you use for liquid when they went in the foil?
  3. tjohnson

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    What Ross Said....

    What smoker are you using?

  4. smokinal

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    BB's seem to be coming very thick & meaty lately, but I just got a package from Costco's & one of the racks was very thin. If that was the case with you, you have to adjust the cooking time down a little. Other than that if your sure about your temps, you may have just got a rack from a hog that liked to run around a lot & was real lean!  [​IMG]
  5. I agree with the other comments.

    Sounds like they are over cooked. Either thermometer incorrect or very lean ribs.
  6. davet102

    davet102 Newbie

    I'm using a digital thermometer. ( the one Jeff recommended)

    I'm sure the temps were correct.

    The smoker is one of the Brinkman Vertical ones. It was cheap and it is cheap. Did not want to put down a lot of money unless I knew I would like doing this. I will tell you the next one I get will be a better smoker than the one I have now.

    I got the BB's from Sam's club. They looked tremendous coming out of the package.

    I did notice that they were a little light on the "marbling" side so I think it may have just been the racks themselves.

    The first time I did not use any liquid when they went in the foil. This time I used apple juice.

    Don't worry, not going to quit because of this. Just want to get some feedback and see what I could do better next time.

    Any other rub recipes out there?? (my wife would like to try something different)


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  7. Google pork rub and you will find several. I generally use Jeff's, but another I use is as follows:

    1 Cup-- light brown sugar(packed)

    2 Tbs---chili powder

    2 Tbs---dry mustard

    2 Tbs---onion powder

    2 Tbs---garlic powder

    2 Tbs---cayenne pepper

    2 Tbs---kosher salt

    2 Tbs---coarse ground black pepper

                   This yields 3 cups and can store indefinitely in an airtight container.
  8. hyyal

    hyyal Smoke Blower

    This one's really good -

    3/4 cup brown sugar - packed

    3/4 cup white sugar

    1/2 cup paprika

    1/4 cup sea salt

    1/4 cup garlic powder

    2 TBL ground black pepper

    2 TBL onion powder

    2 TBL ground ginger powder

    2 TBL rosemary powder

    If you can't find rosemary powder, substitute 1 TBL thyme and 1 TBL oregano.
  9. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    It seems all new smokers want to start with ribs.  In my experience, ribs are tricky and other meats might be better to start with.

    Once you get your rib method down, they are wonderful.

    Keep at it and you will find that magical combo!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  10. smokinal

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    For me ribs are the hardest thing to get right every time. I've finally got them to where I want, but it took a long time.
  11. deuc224

    deuc224 Fire Starter

    I have to agree, BB ribs are the hardest thing to get right, ive been smoking for about 3 months and ive gone through at least 20 slabs of BBs and just today i feel like i got them right.
  12. cliffcarter

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    As rbranstner and SmokinAl said size matters when cooking ribs, smaller racks take less time in the foil and less time for the third phase IMHO.

    Here is a link to rib rub recipes I have posted in the wiki section, others have rub recipes there as well-

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