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  1. Here's some ribs I threw on for the 4th of July.  These are photos of them prepped, and rubbed, and sitting waiting for the MES to come up to temp.

    Yum  Can't wait

  2. looking good
  3. and here's the end result.  They are really good.  This is only my second time around smoking ribs.  I did make these sticky ribs..I added my own homemade BBQ sauce the last 20 minutes of the smoke.  I used the 2-2-1 method for these baby backs

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    Now your ribs look great to me there Dan. I did see that they are very sticky like you said so enjoy and bring alot of paper towels for the good folks able to eat them.
  5. Nothing like a nice shower after eating a plate of sticky, saucey ribs!  Good job!!
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    Those Are some gooood looooking RIBS!!!!! WOW

    Great job for the second time....

    Boy just think what the 10th or 20th time they will look like and taste!!

    Good smoking
  7. Those do look finger sucking good!  Good job!  [​IMG]
  8. Your ribs look perfect!!! I gotta stop checking out these forums at work... It makes me want to quit my job and smoke all day long! (One day, Johnny... One day...)

    Kudos again!!!

    Johnny K.
  9. No joking those are some nice juicy looking ribs, and for the second time must be in your blood lol[​IMG]
  10. homemade BBQ sauce ? any ideas? whatcha use?
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    wow they look good
  12. Good job Flyweed,

    I see some nice pullback, and the color looks great.  The MES can help even a rookie turn out great Q.
  13. thanks guys...I appreciate all the wonderful comments..makes me feel good.  All warm and fuzzy...oh wait..that might be the beer too. ha ha ha

    Anyway...THey tasted great..BUT....they weren't FALL OFF THE BONE tender...are BB Backs suppose to be?  I mean, they werent dry at all, and tasted good, but I thought they could be MORE tender.

    Any thoughts.

    Oh yeah...and for the person who asked about my is a secret recipe that I dont share, cuz I actually enter it into competitions..BUT  I do send out SAMPLE bottles, if you are willing to cover shipping.

  14. For more tender Baby Backs, just leave them on the smoker a little while longer.  I have my BB's down to the 2-2-.5 method & that works fine for me, minus the foiling.
  15. Fall off the bone, by most experts is considered over cooked ribs.  Ribs with meat that requires a slight tug to come off the bone clean is consider about right.  I am surprised you said the meat wasn't tender, because in the pics you have some decent pull back on one of those racks.  If the others didn't have about 1/2" pull back (meat from bone tip), that would explain why not tender.

    I cook at 225º, between 2-3 hours, I'm looking for about 1/4" to 1/3" pull back on at least half the ribs on that rack.  If the pull back is there, I foil and spritz the meat with apple juice, plus a little extra in the foil pouch.  I try to do 2 racks per pouch, then sealed.  Back in the smoker for approx. 2 hours.  I then open one packet and tear off the small end bone, I'm looking for tear, pull back, tenderness.  I don't want the ribs completely done.  If I have the time, I put a light coating of sauce on the ribs, reseal the packets, wrap with plastic wrap, put in warmed ice chest, with all air space removed with either towels or newspapers, then seal the chest.  When it is time to server, I remove the ribs put on low heat grill and sauce the ribs, I like to get at least two layers of sauce on before serving, and the ribs to have  a nice glaze of sauce.  Usually that 2 or 3 hours sealed will get the meat nice and tender.  I use this technique for parties where I do the ribs at home and take them some place.  I think these ribs always are better than my straight from the smoker or smoker to the grill at home.
  16. I guess they were done then..they had a little "tug" to them, but you could tear them off with your fingers.  I do use the 2, 2, 1 method..I smoked for 2 hours, spritzed with AJ and then foiled ribs with some Apple juice in the pouch for another 2 hours..then unfoiled and finished for 1 hour and added sauce the last 20 minutes.  Temp was a constant 230F....smoked with a mix of Peach and Cherry wood the first 2 hours.

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    Look like fine ribs!


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