Anyone use wood pellets in their MES?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bikes blues bbq, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. daricksta

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    I swear by the Todd's wood pellets. I get truly great smoke flavors from all of them, and I've bought quite a few different varieties from him. I've also gotten a few free along with some of the products I've bought from him. The AMNPS is the only source of smoke I use in my MES 30.
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    [​IMG][​IMG]  LOL---Sounds like somebody taught you well !!

  3. Cool
  4. daricksta

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    I have no idea how competitive Todd's wood pellet prices are. What I do know is that I've been buying from him for two years now and he provides the best customer service I've ever seen. I'll pay a little more to support a small business owner who provides top quality products and customer service.
  5. daricksta

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    More like "somebodies", Bear: you, Todd, and Scarbelly.
  6. Sorry I agree as well...I'm a loyal customer for life...bought a maverick 732 set up from Todd as well, I had problems with it and he returned no questions asked...tks Todd
  7. I have the MES40 and I use the A Maze N 12" tube, one full tube gives me 5 hours of good clean smoke with no issues, I love this combo.
  8. How do you know what GEN you have.  I bought my MES a year ago.  I have the AMNPS.  I place it beside the heat box.  It fits just fine there.
  9. bearcarver

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    If your AMNPS fits on the support bars beside your heat box (chip burner), you have the Gen #1 MES.

  10. nrdk

    nrdk Fire Starter

    Guessing I have the GEN2, as I just purchased a AMNPS 5x8 last week and unfortunately couldn't get it to quite fit on the support bars, there was a small screw coming off the side of the heat box that seemed to be causing issues. I don't suppose you guys know an easy fix for this? Hate wasting the extra rack to sit the AMNPS up high. As well, I feel like the airflow is off with it sitting up there, as the full tray burned through in a matter of about 6 hours. Still need to spend some time tweeking how far out to sit the chip loader to get the right intake. 

    Side item, is there a thread somewhere talking about/debating pellet sources and types?

    Ordered MES from Amazon last Sept: 
  11. tropics

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    The link you posted is a Gen 1

    Check out the MES Forum or electric forums for mods, mailbox with AMNPS is great. I have cheswe in my MES40 now cold smoking.1st Mac & Cheese in my mod MES40
  12. You have a GEN 1.  I know the screw you are talking about. You need a stubby screwdriver and just remove it. EASY and Away you SMOKE. I had to do the same to my 910 model. I was advised to do the screw removal by Todd Johnson.

  13. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I've used store-bought wood pellets and pellets I've gotten from Todd Johnson. I'm told that commercial brand wood pellets may have fillers and such but Todd's are 100% wood. I have no personal info on the composition of commercial brand wood pellets but I know that Todd is a helluva guy, an outstanding small-businessman, and sells outstanding products. I choose to support his business so I now use his wood pellets exclusively. I have about every wood pellet type you'd ever need for smoking a variety of meats, fish, and cheeses. I took a BBQ class recently and the instructor claimed that in blind tests nobody can actually taste the difference between smoke flavored from different wood pellet types. I haven't done the blind testing but I still think I can tell the difference between meats smoke with hickory, mesquite, oak, and apple woods, at least.
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  14. nrdk

    nrdk Fire Starter

    Great, what purpose does the screw actually serve? I plan on doing this pretty much this evening, as I said it was frustrating giving up the limited smoker space of the MES to set the AMNPS in place, however it sounds like I'll be golden on that for future smokes. Will say the AMNPS was a great set it and forget it option for an overnight pork shoulder, had a couple buddies in doing the drywall in my basement on Sunday and they definitely appreciated it. Was in a pinch for time and didn't plan ahead so ended up just stopping at Sam's for it instead of my local butcher, but don't regret the choice as it was quite a bit cheaper and of the same quality.

    Had a friend recommend the Perfect Mix CookinPellets to use as a great general mix for smoking, however everyone seems to have a lot of love around these forums for Todd as well, so kind of torn here. Only an occasional cooker, once or twice a month, so getting a 20 or 40 pound bag is going to be a long lasting supply. 
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  15. bearcarver

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    That screw is one of the screws holding the chip burner unit together, but there are others, so nothing should fall apart if you remove only one.


  16. You can see just how tight my space is. Bear has told me that we are the exception to the rule. Just remove the screw and make sure the sides if the amnps are straight and the AMNPS will fit fine.

    Now to your next question about pellets. It,s a Bud or Millers type of question. Would you buy 5 cases of beer because your Buddie told you it was good. The quality of Todd's pellets are great.  They are 100% wood of the species he advertises they are all of the right size. I have tried other brands and found out why they they were cheaper. He sells a blend if that is what you want. I have found I like hickory or oak. My other varieties sit in a storage box just awaiting for there turn. It is very important you store them in containers with caps. We eat a lot of Apple sauce so I buy the large containers w/ lids also large creamer containers work well. You get my drift.. By your own admission you don't smoke all that often.You can buy the 4 pound  package at  a fair price or talk to Todd and he will advise you on a fair variety package to get you started. Where else can you talk to the CEO/COO personally and get real advise.

    Check  out his web page he always has a sale and you will not find it hard to get to the free shipping level.        Jted
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  17. nrdk

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    Went ahead and removed the screw last night, AMNPS fits like a glove now, thank you for the heads up on that.

    As well, thanks for the suggestions on pellets, thinking I'm going to go this route and see what happens through the first couple smokes. Went ahead and reached out to Todd from his general contact email on the website for some thoughts/info/help putting together some type of variety pack. 
    Thanks, may give the 5lb bag a shot down the road and see which my preference is after a few cooks.
  18. kennyp1114

    kennyp1114 Smoke Blower

    I tried usung pellets in the MES chip box and they caught on fire. I had some that were accidently sent to me. Would wraping in foil help?
  19. kennyp1114

    kennyp1114 Smoke Blower

    Why not set the smoker on a rack in the smoker? It doesn't have to be on the bottom.
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  20. bdskelly

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    Hi Kenny 

    The Amazin smoker tray was designee to fit the lower cross bar on an MES Smoker.  I guess you could place it on a grill rack. But then you'd be wasting precious meat real-estate. 

    On your other question, I believe Masterbuilt instructions say not to use pellets in the supplied smoker tray. This must be due to your observation about them catching on fire? b
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