Anyone use wood pellets in their MES?

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  1. My brother-in-law has one of the large barrel type smokers so I think I will make the Tube a gift to him. The 5 X 8 seems good for now.
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    Sounds like a Great Plan!!!

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    #2 with a brew! I like it!
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    LOL----I knew you'd pick that one!!!

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    It was pretty much a no brainer! LOL!!!
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    Mmmm. Beeeer good...
  7. I use pellets in my A-MAZE-N-SMOKER and the cold smoker attachment in my 40" MES

    Both with good smoke results

  8. Pellets, Oh Ya Spent the afternoon smoking 2 racks in my Mes. I used pellets. I use a AMAZ-n Pellet smoker. Just a word to the wise I tried them in the chip tray and they  burned fast with a lot of smoke. Also in the last year I have tried other brands of pellets and I have not been as happy as I was with Todd Johnsons. I have a few lbs of Lumber Jack Hickory pellets to use then I will only use Todd's from now on. (you get what you pay for)
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    just got MES 40 020070311 what type of light bulb does it use, my does not work
  10. Yes - Sports Academy - has different flavors. I use them with wood chips as a way to reduce the amount of chips used. There is a difference between "heating" pellets and smoking pellets. MES 30"
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    I just recently purchased an MES 30 from Lowe's. The first lesson I learned was that it was not going to generate smoke at a rate that suited me. I purchased a Cold Smoke unit from MB. It uses chips and without soaking them I can generate smoke for quite a long period of time. I don't know how long it would run on a full load but I think it would be significant. As has been stated you have some good choices.[​IMG]  
  12. I love my MES.  Got it last November.  I ordered the AMNPS and have used it a couple of times, still learning.  I love my MES, I keep it on the deck ready to use at any time.  I did kabobs last Saturday and they turne out great.  I am using a fruitwood pellet mix from 2-Brothers Grillin here locally.  I had the TBS this time.  At first it was a little hard to light and keep going.  Finally got it though.

    Anybody have an easy way to light em and keep em lit?  Light em in the smoker or outside?

    Really like this forum Jeff.
  13. Jeff, some people put their pellets in the micro wave to dry them out I don't know how long or at what power but someone will chime in. I like to heat mine when I preheat my MES30 For 30 to 60 min. That seems to be all  I need to do besides follow Todds instructions. I just  light them and get a nice red ball of fire. I will blow on  them several times and when they are about out of control Iblow out the flame and let them smolder for a few min and then set them in the smoker. I would rather spend a little time up front than have to re lite.
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    I hate to hijack the thread, but I'm a noob and need help.  I keep reading about the AMNS.  I've been to their Website.  I just don't get how it works/how to use it.

    Could someone tell me what I need to buy for an MES30, where to put it (be nice!) and how to use it?  

    I'd REALLY appreciate it.  I want me some of that GOOD smoke...
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    What type of smoker do you use.... that's important... OR call Todd, the owner, he will get you set up.....

    A-MAZE-N Products, Inc.
    12372 River Ridge Blvd
    Burnsville, MN 55337

    (952) 736-7678

    [email protected]
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    I use a Masterbuilt 30-inch Electric Digital Stainless Steel Smokehouse.  Thanks!!
  17. There are two types of 30 "stainless MES smokers. Find your model number and do what Dave told you to do. Todd knows the models and what works in each type. He not only sells them but invented them.  A real nice guy and very helpful. I could say more but think of him as a boy scout or a nice older brother.
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    I'm a huge fan of the AMNPS; I never use wood chips in my smoker anymore. I get my wood pellets from Todd Johnson, the inventor of the AMNPS and other smokers. I fill two roles with wood pellets and that's typically all I need for a 6-hour smoke. In fact, I often will have pellets leftover.

    There are guys who gripe about how the AMNPS won't keep the pellets lit but the key to success is proper lighting of the pellet smoker and a few guys have their own methods.

    Did you buy the Gen 1 or Gen 2 version of the MES? The AMNPS was designed with the MES Gen 1 in mind. The Gen 2 is different so there are a few considerations for proper placement and airflow. And yes, you would use the AMNPS instead of the wood chip loader and holder.
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    The Chip tray if good for a lite smoke but if you want more the A-MAZE-N smoker is the way to go.  Are the Traeger pellets 100% of what they say they are?  Most are NOT.  Check with Todd for 100% Cherry, Hickory, Maple etc. Pellets.
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    Here is a link showing how easy it is to light


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