Anyone use wood pellets in their MES?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bikes blues bbq, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. kennyp1114

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    That's true Jted, but i live by myself so i have plenty hardwood trees i can cut. I will continue doing that. Of course i won't cut them unless they're dying.
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  2. maxgunner

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    How do you deal with the heat generated by the burning material in your smoker for a "cold" smoke?

    -  MG
  3. inkjunkie

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    Do a search on "Mailbox Mod".....
  4. You will find a rise of about 40 degrees at 70 ambient. I would think it would be less this time of year. Keep your damper open and expect a slight rise in temp. If you are cold smoking in the summer  the mail box mod is the way to go. One thing for sure making jerky in the summer will be easy   [​IMG]   jted
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  5. nrdk

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    Fill a half gallon milk jug with water, freeze it. Place in the water tray above the AMNPS to keep the temperature down. Worked wonders for me the last time I cold smoked.
  6. maxgunner

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    This is approximately what I've observed also, which puts a chamber temp significantly above "cold smoking" range, at least by most guides I've read. I love the duration of the smoke my AMPTS produces (when I can keep it lit), but I do a lot of cold smoking over the winter. I'll look into the mailbox mod.


  7. daricksta

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    What was recommended to me--which is what I do--is to fill two jugs with water, freeze them, and end then put them in the smoker below the food being smoked to keep the interior temp down. I used half gallon milk jugs and fill them about 3/4 full of water before freezing. It did the trick when I've smoked cheeses but after a couple of hours (during a four hour smoke) the ice has melted back into water and I haven't completed the smoke so I have to work on that part. I guess I need four jugs of that frozen water to switch out. I also think I was smoking the cheese for an hour or so too long. I've read it should be kept to about a couple of hours.

    I have a MES 30 and I keep it turned off for cold smoking. Heat is generated by the wood pellets in the AMNPS which is the reason I use the jugs for frozen water. I'm just not into mailbox or any other mods for my smoker. It's just my personal preference.
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  8. maxgunner

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    I have and use that too, but I like the duration of smoke you get with the AMPTS.  Sounds like I need to invest in a mailbox...

  9. susieqz

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    does anyone know how much heat the amnps puts out when in a shut down smoker?

    it gets to the mid 90s here in summer. if i put the uninsulated traeger in the sun, interior temps should hit 120-130 from solar gain.

    i'm wondering if the amnps will add enow heat to cook?
  10. bearcarver

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    Depends on the size of the smoker. It will raise the temp a little in a small insulated smoker, but shouldn't even be noticeable in a large smoker.

    If you're doing cheese, you can fill jugs 3/4 full with water----Freeze them & put one or 2 in the smoker between the cheese & the AMNPS.

  11. susieqz

    susieqz Smoking Fanatic

    thanks, bear. i'll only cold smoke in winter, due to awful heat. it hit 109 once.

    i should have that amnps tomorrow n i'm just wondering what else i can use it for.

    when the smoker runs, there's continuous smoke so i don't need it for that.

    i'll be happy with the ability to cold smoke but i wondered if i could use it for anything else.
  12. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I use mine all the time----I haven't burned a chip or a chunk in 4 years.

    My Smoke is always constant & consistent. I never have smoke that's too heavy like you get with the variable burning of wood.

  13. susieqz

    susieqz Smoking Fanatic

    i'll expirement then. i'm smoking a ham tonite, but cold smoking one sounds like fun.

    i like lots of smoke flavor anyway. perhaps i can cold smoke for a day, then do 225 to finish.

    i've been smoking for 6 months but there's a lot more to this than i thot.
  14. daricksta

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    That's exactly what I do when cold smoking cheese. I found the ice thaws to water within a couple of hours so I'm planning on freezing four jugs of water for switching out when the ice has melted. Unless going over two hours for cold smoking cheese is too long.
  15. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    The good thing about using the jugs is you don't add any unwanted humidity to your smoker or AMNPS, like you would putting ice in a pan.

  16. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Know who suggested the jugs of frozen water thing? Todd. He's also the one who got me to finally stop filling the water pan with water.
  17. daricksta

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    Susie, one thing to keep in mind about Bearcarver since he won't tell you himself: he was one of the quality control testers when Todd Johnson was developing the AMNPS, along with the and the tragically-departed member of this group named Gary "Scarbelly" Simmons. Both of them gave Todd Johnson input since he designed the AMNPS for the MES Gen 1 smoker (I think it was for both the 30-inch and 40-inch models) These two along with Todd have pretty much taught me most of what I know about smoking. When Bear writes, I read and follow his advice.
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  18. susieqz

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    thanks for telling me who i can bug with questions.

    i take all advice from you guys seriously, even tho i seem to go off topic lots.
  19. daricksta

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    Remember also that when you find people whose advice you trust and respect, you can private message them and they will respond quickly. I do it all the time.
  20. susieqz

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    we'll see what they have to say when i start bombarding them with silly questions, as i am wont to do.

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