Anyone use wood pellets in their MES?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bikes blues bbq, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. bearcarver

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    Exactly---I love my Amazing toys more than anyone can imagine!!!!

    However, once in awhile I'll run out of smoke from the one I'm using, and I think, "I could use another half hour or an hour of smoke", so instead of pulling it out, letting it cool, and loading some more pellets in, I'll just throw a few chips in the dumper---dump them in the pan & keep smoking for that short remaining time.

  2. stephenh

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    I have used them, but neither in the chip tray nor in an AMNPS, but in a Smoke Daddy. However, I did not use them straight. I used the information on Smoke Daddy's site and used a mix of lump charcoal, pellets, chips, and small chunks of wood. This combination worked well to keep the smoke volume down to the TBS where just chips would give way too much smoke.

    I did put the charcoal in first and got it going with my butane torch before adding the pellets, chips, and chunks. I may try it next time with just pellets on top of the lump charcoal so see how that works.
  3. smokedaddy123

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    That's the way I recommend using the Smoke Daddy. You can use wood-chips, woodchucks, twigs,pellets or a mixture of all of them. Sawdust is not recommended. It works like a small chimney,too small of fuel will choke it off and not burn properly. The small air pump keeps it lit. If you are looking for a versatile smoke generator for your home made or exciting smoker, check out the Smoke Daddy. It easily attaches to the outside of your smoker.The Smoke Daddy is not a sawdust smoker.
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  4. turfguy04

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    I don't recommend the Hager(sp) pellets. I have used them before. One day while smokin I opened the door and to my surprised the pellets burst into flames. The smoke seemed oily for some reason and the pellets are extremely flamable.

    I havent used them since.
  5. Last week I picked up the analog MES that Tractor supply is running for $129.00 right now.  It has a control like an electric skillet.  Low was getting me around 170°-180°, HI cranked it up to 400°.

    Even with the limited venting my AMNPS  burned well cold smoking my BBB until the moisture inside the cabinet got too high.

    The MES and AMNPS really are made for each other.
  6. Dang, And I thought I got a deal for 149 with free shipping from Amazon a while back!

    Have to agree with you.  I used mine a couple of times but when I got the AMNPS and used it this weekend, the smoke part of the smoker really took off.
  7. bdskelly

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    I use pellets in my MES occasionally but use them sparingly  ...they are wood chips on steroids  they burn hotter and make much more smoke. 
  8. smoke slinger

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    I use pellets in mine and I feel I get a good smoke flavor on my food. I usually put some in at 1 hour intervals for the first few hours. I get mine from BBQ'rs Delight online. Have a good selection. Also Academy is starting to sell them and cheaper than online.
  9. I've used Smokehouse Brand Pellets almost from the very beginning in my MES 40. I get a good hour's worth of smoke from a scant 1/4 cup and they burn better than wood chips, IMHO. Don't use the pellets for Traegers etc because they are for HEAT as well as flavor. 
  10. Pellets work just fine in the AMPS. A small handful each load lasts for 30 minutes.
  11. russg

    russg Fire Starter

    using an AMNS or AMNPS?
  12. domapoi

    domapoi Smoke Blower

  13. I spent more money and time trying to make a better mousetrap and like everyone else who is more than pleased after beating my head against the wall,  I purchased Todd’s AMNPS Tray and never looked back. 

    In fact, it works so well, I purchased a second AMNPS for my son and seriously thinking for buying a third one as a gift for the guy down the road who uses charcoal and chips.       

    Like Todd said, my MES heater is either off or on full time and when it’s on, that puppy is smoking like an old time train and even when using Todd’s pellets in the MES, the smoke is so thick, the meat taste like it was soaked in Pin Tar.       The key to smoking and enjoying all your efforts is the light blue smoke that you get from the AMNPS

    The nice thing about the AMNPS is I can measure my smoke and make changes on the run.  I like to use the Pitmasters Blend for 2 inches of pellets in the tray and then add an inch or so of apple pallets as a back up.   The two different smoke tastes is indescribable on most meats. 

    Last but not least,  The AMNPS will pay for itself because you'll use less pellets in the long run.                
  14. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Very Well Said!!!

  15. I bought the Harbor Freight Tools router speed controller for my Brinkman Gormet Electric smoker. Without it it wants to run at about 325, I can keep it down to 225 pretty easy with the controller but still have to fiddle with it as it fluctuates up and down on it's own. Barely moving the control knob makes a big difference in the heat. It lets me smoke at the temps I want but it is a pain. I bought the AMNPS and it keeps going out, I believe it doesn't get enough air and I can't find a good place to put it. I am saving for a MES40 and from what I have read on this forum I will be more than satisfied with it and the AMNPS.

  16. domapoi

    domapoi Smoke Blower

    I do love my AMNS when am doing cheese and other things like spices, nuts etc. etc. that need to be cold smoked. But then I bought mine before he came up with the AMNPS but still use chips and the MOJO bricks when doing hot smokes. With the MES I have no problem putting in chips or blocks through the side opening tray. I was offered to sent back my AMNS and trade up to an AMNPS but I liked my AMNS so much I didn't want to. If so some reason later in life I find it to much hassle to put in chips or blocks every now and then, I might get one to keep with my AMNS but til then not likely.
  17. smoker21

    smoker21 Meat Mopper

    I tried the HF router speed controller on my Brinkman and it melted into a puddle the 2nd time I used it!!
  18. Which AMNS do you guys use?  Tube or box??
  19. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    OK----Strictly my opinion on the Tube. It should be used on the bigger smokers. Puts out too much smoke for an MES.

    I use the 5 X 8 AMNPS with pellets for any smoke over 180 degrees, and my AMNS with dust for smokes under 180 smoker temp.

    Those two are the most important tools in my bag-o-tricks!!!

  20. I use an AMNPS for the last year in my MS 30, hickory, cherry, maple and oak. LBS is great.  never tried them in units tray.

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