Anyone here own a Green Mountain pellet grill?

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by cabin fever, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. They sit on the grill grate and put out extra smoke.
  2. Fill the tube with pellets, lay on the grill and light. Do not light the grill.

    This is called cold smoking.
  3. jim k

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    I own 3 pellet grills  1 traeger 2 green mt.  when I  sold both when I was in business .I just bought a tail gater from green mt. really great smoker.I sold my business, so now i use it in my motor home .green mt. will run on 120 or 12 volt .traeger runs on 120 only .If you want to tail gate with a traeger you will need a long cord.I love my green mt. gril.the company is great work with.Ihope this helps
  4. flyweed

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    I've got a GMG Daniel Boone..have had it now going on 3 years LOVE IT!  so easy to use, and produces wonderful end products no matter what you are cooking. Chicken, ribs, pork butt, turkey.  I DO have a Amaze N tube smoker that I'll light and set on the grate if I want a serious smoke to my ribs or porkbutt..or what have you...otherwise, without it you are still cooking with wood, just not a huge smoke ring, or smoke flavor. But that's easy to get by adding the tube smoker.

  5. wino8310

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    Hey Cabin,

    I own a Traeger and love it!!! I agree with others that you can put too much smoke in a meat and overpower the meat. The Traeger does a great job with the right amount of balance. I have smoked/grilled on mine for 6 years now and have received great praise for the results and not one complaint.....even from my hard core grill mates.
  6. flyweed

    flyweed Smoking Fanatic

    And speaking of GMG...Here's some photos of me doing a "practice run" before the BIG DAY next week.  It's cold out, so the thermal blanket was installed on my GMG this morning.  Turkey is 11.5lbs...was brined for 24 hours, dried off, then rubbed under the skin and on top with Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction.

    Grill with thermal jacket on

    Pellets in

    Temp outside (BRRRRRR)

    Turkey ready to go on

    More to follow . . . . . . . . . .
  7. little jim

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    Yes I recently got a Jim Bowie. Still figuring it out like it so far....Jim
  8. ernestwells

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    I have just gotten a GMG Davy Crockett, it is the smallest version of the GMG's units. It's advantages, for us, is its size, it fits into my car's truck, its interior cooking space, I smoked a 16 pound Hen in it without any trouble, and it ability to run on 12 volts. My wife wanted us to be able to cook during natural disasters, should they happen. This unit is 12 volts, comes with a 120 to 12 volt converter. I have hooked it up to my car battery and it ran for the whole cook, 4 hours, without draining the battery to the point that I couldn't start the car. 

    Temperature control is digital  (+/- 5 degree increments) and this small dynamo has done a good job on all the bbq I have thrown at it. Just smoked salmon yesterday, my wife, who loves salmon, was afraid it would be too smokey. After 4 hours at 150 degrees, jumped to 200 degrees for the last hour to finish. Used Alder , the salmon came out with a nice crust and a flavor that my wife loved. Definitely  it will be a repeat item for our menu. 

    I have kicked my DC to 475 degrees, open the direct heat plate and grilled steaks, they came out well. All in all, it is a nice small unit, great for mobility, but, short on space if you are doing a large cook. I have been looking at a Yoder or a Blaz'n Grill. Both units are work horses, both made in the USA. I am leaning in favor of the Blaz'n Grill currently, will be changing out my propane unit this coming year so the quest is on to determine what unit I get for big cooks.

    If you want to add extra smoke to your cook, look at smoke tubes or like accessories. Blaz'n Grills makes a nice unit, you can see it in one of their online videos, also, A-MAZE-N-TUBE-SMOKER - 12" will help increase your chamber smoke during cooking. 

    The choices are many, it comes down to your personal preferences. I would recommend you going for a digital controller. The end game is the meal, you can get that cowboy style over a campfire, all the rest is just having fun.

  9. I think Pellet grills are great. I recommend that you take a careful look at the Cookshack Fast Eddie. It seems to me better constructed than the Green Mountain. I suspect they both work about as well as the other, but I am partial to an all stainless steel construction. I have a Cookshack Amerique and think it is about the best I can imagine in electric smokers!
  10. smokeninja

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  11. I have had one since September. I have the Daniel Boone version. I bought it to go to some rib cook-offs(easier than chucking wood in the smoker in the middle of the night for brisket lol). I love it. Has a nice smoke and love the digital temp. control. You wont go wrong with it.
  12. Find one or two suppliers in your area and ask them for a referral to 3 or 4 users.  You will find them very obliging.
  13. I don't think I could bring myself to throw that much money at a machine like the Traeger. I did, however, want to try the user friendliness of pellets. I just did my first run with the AMNPS and I was thrilled with the results, and the fact that I did a 9 hour smoke without having to do anything but the occasional IT check. Maybe try throwing 40 bucks on one and see if the pellet smoke flavor is to your liking before dropping $700+ IMHO.

    :sausage: Merry Christmas!
  14. mikerakow

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    I own a GMG for about seven months now and love it. Gives food great smoke flavor! But when I really want to smoke something I add a smoke tube from A-MAZE-N-PRODUCTS. That works awesome! Made some bacon last weekend turned out great!
  15. ranjr

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    I just purchased a Green Mountain Daniel Boon pellet grill. It smokes great with a lot of flavor. I did notice that the lid did not fit tight, so I purchased gasket material to help seal it. That is when I really noticed that the lid did not fit very well. Even the gasket could not seal it although it was better. Not too many products made in China have much quality control. In a sense, you get what you pay for. I could not afford the made in America grill, so for the money, this is a good grill.
  16. Purchase some high temp red silicone. Seal up the leaks the best you can. some leaks are ok, you will never plug all the leaks. 
  17. ernestwells

    ernestwells Newbie

    I have a Davy Crockett, GMG, the more I use it the more it has sealed itself. It will never reach the levels of my Big Green Egg or tightness, but then it doesn't need to. For really long cooks, a Kamato is the best.

  18. kimbrey

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    I have the Green Mountain Daniel Boone. 

    I do like the grill for meat.  Cooking ribs low and slow you get a good smoke ring and a not overwhelming smoke flavor.  At least the way I did it.  I haven't had a lot of success with in when trying to smoke salmon.  Not enough smoke flavor by the time the fish was done.  I might be able to get a better smoke if I leave the temp low for a longer period of time but haven't tried that yet. 

    Its temp range is supposed to be from 150 to 500.  It will do a decent job on a steak and give it a slight smoke flavor.  I'm a cast iron skillet type of guy when it comes to a steak so the unit doesn't get hot enough but close.
  19. ernestwells

    ernestwells Newbie

    I have done several types of smoked salmon on my Davy Crockett, GMG. Setting the grill for it's lowest temp, 150 F, and leaving it for there for the entire smoke, have produced some very tasty meals using salmon. When I want more smoke flavor, with shorter smoke times, so as not to make jerky type products, I use a 6" A-MAZE-N-TUBE-SMOKER to start the smoke process, then fire up the grill after I have a good chamber of smoke enveloping the salmon for 5 to 20 minutes. Works something like the Alaskan smoke houses, lots of smoke and very low temperature. Feeling one's way along to produce the end product is half the fun, don't be afraid to experiment, it may not alway be edible, but then who cares, the next effort will be great.

  20. I have a Daniel Boone GMG and I am really impressed. Like others have said, I don't think you can over smoke with this machine. GMG now comes out with three types of pellet flavors: mesquite, hardwood blend and fruit blend. The hardwood is my favorite for all types. The benefit to this machine is the difference in temps you can cook at, 150-500 degrees.

    I made the best turkey in my life. I've baked, fried and now smoked one on my GMG and it have to say that the GMG was the best.

    These machines make it fun. They are set and forget once you set your temp. Only thing else is time, IT and spritzing.

    The digital temp set on the control panel is nice and the thermo input is great as well. Not sure if other machines are offering that but it is standard on the GMG. The DB and JB models have a larger cooking space than Trager both in rack space and height.

    I was going to get a Trager when I first looked into these at Costco. Many stores near me stopped selling the Trager and now carry the DB due to dependability. Definitely worth it.

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