Anyone here own a Green Mountain pellet grill?

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  1. Hi All,

    First off I would like to say I own 3 pellet grills, 1 woodmaster, 1 treager lil tex and 1 treager texas. Love them all, cooked on almost all brands! I have seen Yoders operation and they do make a very good unit. Just finished it late and just after I bought my last treager,

    I am not sold on treager but it was more for testing and beating up. I have 4 people that beta test pellets for me when we do new things or just want to test batches of them. Their is a Green Mountain and an FE plus a MAK and a Louisiana Grill in that mix.

    These are just like carts...some are better than others and you will pay for it. Some hold temps great other have a bit of fluctuation. I like the fluctuation...seems to smoke better...but thats me.

    What do you want to buy ?? a Rolls Royce or Impala?

    Pellets... that is another thing. Some manufactures like treager put in about 30% or so of what they say is on the bag and use either oak or alder to finish it off. Leaving alot of people thinking the pellet grill does not impart good smoke when it was a pellet issue all along. Some pellet manufactures do not use any oak or alder. Which brings out a better smoke profile.

    Some pellets will not get you over 400-450 due to not having any oak or alser to get the higher temps but, they will deliver great smoke flavor.

    All in all ... read ask read, try one if you can or find someone with one.

    Test different pellets to see what you like. Some are great some are not but, unless you try you will not know.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Smoking!

  2. I have had a Green Mountain grill for 2 years now and I love it. I can raise the temp control to 400* to 450* for regular grilling or lower it to 150-180* or anywhere in between for smoking. If you ever cook a nice juicy rib-eye on a smoker instead of a regular grill, you will never go back to just grilling on your old grill again. The smell and taste are unbelievable and probably the most tender steak you have ever eaten.

    I like the fact that I have the option of grilling or smoking on my Green Mountain. I put in the type of pellets I want to smoke with, then push a button and go inside to prepare my meat and when I come back out, the smoker has already heated up to factory preset of 350*. I simply raise or lower my control to the desired temperature I want and walk away. I'm a little lazy, I also have a wireless probe for my meats and it will tell you within 5* when your meat is ready so I can suck a few cold ones down and watch some football and my wife thinks I'm outside slaving away cooking.

      It takes a little getting use too and it's hard to break the habit of opening the hood to check your meat. And just like most grills and smokers, it has it's hot spots and cold spots but it's not a deal breaker and you will learn pretty fast. I used a grill temperature gage to check it but it's not really necessary. The conditions outside affect the temperature more than anything else, especially the wind, otherwise if you have ideal conditions, whatever you set it at is what it will smoke to within 5* to 10*.

     I probably clean mine a couple times a summer then again in the fall just to clean off the grease buildup and dump my ashes. My neighbor hasn't cleaned his yet except for changing the foil below his grate. He says I clean it too much but I can't help myself.

    So far I haven't had any problems with it and I can smoke enough meat to feed about 30 people without to much trouble with the help of a couple of extra racks.

    There are some very good smokers that cost a lot less and some that cost a lot more, it's really up to you but whatever you decide, just have a good time smoking and don't get discouraged because we were all beginners at first.

    I hope this helps you a little and enjoy "Smokin"!
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    Just bought a GMG Daniel Boone.  Temperature control is very tight.  Any temp from 150-500 degrees with little or no fluctuations.  Doing a rack of ribs today.  Using apple pellets.
  4. I've had a GMG for over a year now and it smokes meat better than ANY smoker that I have owned.  The meat probe allows you to fully track the internal temp and if you have the remote unit you can adjust the temp while drinking a bear and watching the game.
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    I've had my GMG Daniel Boone for about 3 weeks now, and I LOVE it!  It cooks nice and even, and if you add one of the A Maze N pellet tubes to it, it's a phenomenal smoker. 

    My two cents

  6. Great question about pellet grills and here is your answer. The Green Mountain Grill excels at smoking as the lowest temperature setting is 150 degress creating a lot of smoke and flavor Just like a camp fire, the lower the temperature, the more smoke there is. The higher the temperature, the hotter the burn and less smoke. Also keep in mind that pellets have between 5% - 7% moisture that is added to the grill/convection/smoking process. Lastly, the Green Mountian Grill is truely an industrial convection oven that uses positive air pressure to rotate the heat and smoke around anything that is in the cooking camber infusing both heat and smoke. Long story short, low temp, high smoke and great taste.

    Thank you,

    Dean Olejniczak
  7. I do have a Green Mountain Grill  (the Daniel Boone model).  Wow I am really impressed with it!  It really gives a great flavor to the food.  I have used hickory, mesquite and oak pellets and  they all give off great smoke flavor.  However, my favorite is the applewood pellets.  The smoke flavor definitely varies based on the different type of pellets you use to smoke with.  I have smoked a ham and some Chinook salmon fillets with the applewood pellets and wow it really has a great flavor!  I guess it all depends on your tastes and what you desire your food to taste like.  But I have been impressed with all of the pellets. 

    This grill is very easy to use and I have had no issues with it.  The one thing my dealer did tell me is to keep the auger unit and burn pot cleaned out on a regular basis and to not let the pellets get wet inside the auger tube or inside the pellet hopper as it will create issues with the auger turning.  I just suck the ashes out of the bottom of the gril before each use when the grill is cold.  Also I try to clean out the pellet hopper with the shopvac on a regular basis because some sawdust from the pellets accumulates in the bottom of the pellet hopper.  It is very easy to clean out  just be sure not to suck up the pellets when they are hot or you will get a fire in your vacuum unit!.  Other than that it is pretty much maintainance free! 

    I have had no issues with the cooking once i got familiar with cooking on it. As with all smokers it takes a bit of getting to know your unit.  Do not expect to be a master on your first try!   The temp setting is very easy to control and the unit maintains its temp usually to within 3 degrees of the temperature setting.  Also i recommend having a second meat probe just to compare the temps with the factory unit.  That way you will know for sure that your cooking at proper temperature. 
  8. We run our GMG grill from 7AM till 5PM and have done this for 3 straight months. This morning, I turned the unit on and it didn't get to temp as usual. I opened up the grill to find that I had a fire pot full of old hard ash and about a 1/4" of ash in the base unit. I used my ash vac to clean out the debris and it started like always. Reason for this post is that no one uses a grill 6 days a week for 10 hours a day and it works AWESOME. Keep grilling and for those who live in Wisconsin, stop by Earth Sense Energy Systems on October 26th for a Customer Appreciation Day with grilling expo featuring Mad Dog and Merrill from 12 to 6 PM.



    Sales Manager

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  9. I am the sales manager for GMG in Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan and looking to add dealers in strategic areas. Please email me at [email protected] to set up a meeting and discuss opportunity. Remember, we will not cross lines with other GMG dealers, we stock all GMG parts in our Dale, Wisconsin warehouse and have the best technical department in the country for diagnostics according to GMG themselves. I look foward to hearing from you


    Dean J. "Dino" Olejniczak

    Sales Manager

    W9715 State Rd. 96 ∙ Dale, WI  54931

    ( Office 800-236-6647 ext. 3714  | ( Cell 920-636-5603

    * Email [email protected]   | 7 Fax 920-779-6646
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    I've been looking for a new grill and I came across these wood pellets grills. I've read a few reviews on a couple different types and I've seen that the GMG are pretty awesome. What else can you tell me about these grills?

    I'm looking to grill steaks, smoke ribs, cook chicken and maybe try baking a pizza. From what I've read the GMG grill is capable of doing all these tasks and more.

    What do you like/dislike about the grill

    How does the food taste

    How does the food taste compared to the other more conventional ways of grilling

    How is the clean up after each use

    is it durable

    Anything else you think I should know?
  11. I have a lil tex by traeger and now I am in the market for a stick burner. The set it and forget it function is nice but the food does not have the same flavor as a stickburner or charcoal in my opinion. For those that disagree just look at how many people are using the tube smokers at the same time they are cooking meat. The other draw back for me is the cord that is attached and needs electricity, there are times we have wanted to bbq in the city parks for a big bbq but cant with this grill without a generator.
  12. No generator needed, a deep cycle battery and a 400W inverter will run your Lil' Tex for 24+ hours.
  13. The Jim Bowie, uses 240w for the first 20-30mins for start up, but then it drops to 60w after that to maintain the temps.  

    I have email with one of their sales reps, who stated that they use the Goal Zero 400watt Adventure kit (no longer sold).  From other pellet smoker web forums (not sure if I could post the link), a 70Amp Hour battery (marine style is recommended for weather) and a 300w continuous inverter would give you about 35-ish hrs of run time before needing to be recharged.

    I am saving up for a deep cycle 12v battery, 400w pure sine inverter and a solar panel charger for the battery.
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    I have a 2009 Daniel Boone Green Mountain Pellet Grill I would like to sell.  It is in good condition.  I am moving into a condo and do not have room for two grills.  If interested, email at [email protected]
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    Hi, If you decide you would like a Green Mountain Pellet Grill (Daniel Boone model) I would like to sell mine.  I am moving into a condo and do not have room for two grills.  It is in good condition.  You are welcome to contact me at  [email protected].net
  16. Yup, I've been running a DB for almost 2 years, run it almost every week. I have found that is quite economical, adjusting the dampener you can hold the temp to within +- 2 to 3 degrees, from 150 to 500, I have run all kinds of meats, make my own pizzas at 500 in about 10 to 15 minutes. working on trying to do cold smoking for cheese (150 is to hot).

    PS: we use it year round.
  17. Went to fire up the smoker on the fourth and no Juice. So I went to check the gfci and that was blown, so I reset it. That didn't do anything, plugged a lamp in and it works. So hmm it was the grill. opened up the control panel and the fuse holder was melted. So I called customer support and left them a message. I had a call back within a half hour of them opening. Keep in mind this was July Fourth and it could have been an empty house. They said they would mail me out a new control board and I would be good to go. Their customer support was fantastic. I will update once I get the new control panel.
  18. For cold smoking purchase an A-MAZE-N-TUBE-SMOKER. 

    I have used this to smoke cheese,nuts and salt
  19. I know you've had plenty of input already, but I'm a Traeger guy (Texas model). I've had some issues with temp control but most I have attributed to using off-brand pellets.  That's not a sales job for Traeger pellets, it's just a fact that when I used the off-brand I got wild temperature swings and at least one flameout.  I'm back to using Traeger pellets only with good results.

    I do notice a flavor difference using, say, apple wood versus hickory.  But some of the wood types are quite close (alder, hickory as an example) and you'd have to be a real afficianado to pick out what was cooked with which.

    The main thing for smoke flavor is time and temperature.  If you fire up any pellet grill to 450 degrees and grill a few chicken breasts for dinner you can't expect that same level of smoke flavor from slow-cooking a brisket or pork butt at 180 degrees for 12 hours or so.  I think the Traeger does this very well - as I'm sure other pellet models do.

    There was one comment about clean up - my only comment there is this: Shop Vac and plastic paint scraper.  If you have those two tools and about 5 minutes, you're finished.  Obviously, you clean your cooking surfaces and drip pans regularly with soap and water, but the main barrel needs very little pampering to keep cranking out great meat.

    Here's a shot of the start of my 4th of July smoke for all the kith and kin we could gather (26) for an outing at the lake.  Two 8-9 pound pork butts and a 10 pound brisket.  All rubbed and ready to smoke (I used Jeff's Rub on the brisket).  After 16 hours at 180-200 degrees the brisket had about a 1/4" smoke ring and the pork was coming along beautifully.  I wrapped them all in foil and cranked up the temp to 225-250 to pull the meat temps up to 200.  Then I double wrapped them and parked them in a cooler with towels to rest for another two hours before serving.  Absolutely unbelievable pull-apart meat - the hit of the day at the lake.  I never cooked meat like this on a conventional grill - I tried many times but never produced anything like this.  Yes, it had plenty of smoke flavor without being overdone.

  20. I don't get what these "tube smokers" do. Do they sit down by the igniter or what?

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