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Discussion in 'Pork' started by kybluesmanluvsbbq, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. I have to say I love my new silver smoker but I seem to have trouble keeping the heat low enough not the other way around. I've read a lot of posts where people can't keep it hot enough. To me that seems easy. Add more fuel. My challenge is to keep it cool enough. I end up cooking at the very high end of what you'd want for pork (240-245). Then again it's hard to tell. I installed a very nice smoker thermometer in the pre-drilled hole that came with the silver smoker. It's basically on top of the lid. Right now it's registering about 220. I also have an extra remote thermometer that I stick through a cork and wedge the cork in the cooking grate. That stays down at meat level and is currently reading 239. 20 degrees different from meat level thermometer to the lid level. It'll have to do. I get paranoid, when meat level therm drops into the 220's I add about 10-12 coals that have been cranking along in a chimney. I may also throw a chunk of dry hickory or a big handful of soaked chips on the newly added coals.

    I really have to admit that the meat usually comes out great but I can't help but still feeling like I wing this every time and really don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'd love to have a system down pat but it never seems to go the same way twice. I end up baby sitting the crap out of the smoker all night. Like I am right now.

    Oh well, hope somebody else is up this late. I'll be here until at least 6:30 am when I can pull her off, wrap her up, drop her in the cooler and catch a 2 hour nap.

    BTW, the thermometer through the cork and the foil/towel wrapping and keeping hot in a cooler I got both of those gems from this very forum. Membership here pays off!!!
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    From how it sounds, you have it all under control. If your smokes turns out tasting great, there is no problem.

    Your high end temps of 240-245º are not too high, you are controling the heat very well.

    Baby sitting/beer drinking - I still tell my wife I have to do that with the MES's; isn't it a required job duty when smoking?

    If you do need to cool down the smoker. I would not advise closing the chimney a little but rather lower the air intake to the firebox.

    By the time it comes to towel and cooler it, take 4 hours instead of two. You will get much more rest and the meat will wait for you; trust me, do a test and leave a temp probe in the meat while it is in the cooler.

    Looking forward to your end results !!!!
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    The thermos that come mounted on the smokers are usually off and if they aren't off they still aren't at grate level most times. The digital probe at grate level tells whats really happening where it counts. Hope ya have a great finish to your smoke don't forget to post some Qview for us to see
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I definitely might leave it in the cooler for 4. I'm really tired right now but she's still cranking along nicely at 238 meat level, 220 top level. Just added a couple of hickory chunks 15 minutes ago. Got another dozen coals going in the chimney. Gave the meat a turn and a mopping when I added the wood. Next time I'll break out the camera and get some Q-view going. Thanks for the company.
  5. Still baby sitting. 4:35am, 239 degrees at meat level, 220 lid level, 128 meat temp. There sure are some weird infomercials on at 4:35 in the morning.
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    I'm still here too, babysitting my 10 lb flat, but it won't be much longer and I'll be foiling it and into the cooler it goes. I made a cd of some blues tunes and some classic rock but it was putting me to sleep so i had to cut it off and get back on here to stay awake. Good luck with your smoke.

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    Not sure guys, but is this a model that would benefit from lowering the exhaust down to near grate level?

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