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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by nevrsummr, Dec 15, 2015.

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    Another noob here enjoying the rich supply of information, and positive attitudes! I am currently building 2 upright smokers from old refrigerators. The first one i started is an old 50s style with lots of character, i picked it up for free off of craigslist. The second came a few days later, and is a upright 2 door commercial refrigerator. Top/bottom not side x side. Found on craigslist as well for 100$ couldnt pass it up. I already had the first one stripped by the time i got the second, so i decided to finish it in hopes of selling and recoup some expenses. Enough about that.

    I am from north idaho, so any other neighbors please hollar. First memory of smoking was with my father in an old converted garbage can. He used to make the best fish and jerky. At about 21 I started smoking fish and jerky but moved around too much to keep my smoker. So now at 32 im hoping to really learn and enjoy some great Q.

    I should mention i found this site repeatedly while googling questions for my build. I quickly learned this site has the best info. Thanks to everyone for sharing and keeping a great attitude.

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    Welcome to the forum! As you already know, there are a lot of great people here who are always willing to share their wisdom. How about posting pics of your builds, we love that stuff! Happy smokin', David.
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    Thanks David

    I posted some pics under fridge builds. Old fridge. Hoping to make some progress today. Need to find another used stove for parts.

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