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Discussion in 'Arizona Members' started by shadowhawk, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Hi folks.....I go by the name of Shadowhawk. I live in Northern AZ in a little town called Dolan Springs which is off HWY 93 between Kingman and Vegas. I love to smoke and BBQ (I use a Brinkmann offset and a WSM 18.5). Thought I would just drop in and say hi and let you know that people really DO live North of Kingman. Have a great 4th of July !!!
  2. buck1949

    buck1949 Smoke Blower

    Hey there fellow Arizonan....

    I have traveled in your area a few times...but not in a long time... Never seem to get up that way anymore.

    Hope the Monsoon's are not bothering you up there... they kind of have put a damper on my plans to try and do a little smoking this weekend... (to many chances for a repeat of last nights storm)

    Take care...and smoke 'em if you have 'em. !!

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