Another first smoke (vertical square charcoal brinkmann)

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  1. [​IMG]Ok so my smoker is going with a rack of ribs.  I have a coffee rub that I let set overnight.  I was having a difficult time getting my square virtical Brinkmann smoker up to 225.  I thought adding boiling water to the water dish would help get it up....that didn;t seem to help all that well. 

    After awhile the water dish went dry and the temp went up and held steady around 238.  What is going on with the water dish!!?!?  Any suggestions?  I had the vents open all the way and when the temp starting going up I had one bottom and one top vent closed and it looked to be working well.
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    What type of thermo's are you using?
  3. I have an old oven thermo in and a new wireless digital and the one that's built in.
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    Usually, when the water pan is empty you will get a rise in temp.And when it has water in it the temps will be lower, but more even.

    You might try closing all the vents except one on top.
  5. The issue is the charcoal pan. U need to drill around 3/8 holes or purchase a square veggie cooker(the one at home depo will fit ur rack perfectly with it's handles. After I did that it works fine. If u enjoy smoking start saving cause that thing is a pain in the butt for briskets or shoulders.
  6. here's what i did to mine it helps allot and if you need to add charcoal or water just give it a shake and good to go.hope this helps[​IMG]
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    The ribs sure look good!

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