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    Ok, I know that I posted the question a very long time ago, about a meat mixer, when I first joined, at the time there were several members advised against buying one..... So here is my predicament, last week one of my ex-coworkers sent me a text, he had a 50lb manual mixer that he had bought back when we were working together, about 2 years ago.....He had shown me the receipt back then and he paid, with shipping, something around $340 for it...... Back then he really didn't use it much, he said that in was more of an impulse buy than anything else....... He remembered that I had mentioned that I had wanted one before, so he asked if I wanted to buy it. I told him what I remembered from my earlier post and was really reluctant to buy it. So he gives me his pitch, just take it, try it and see what you think about it......then let me know. I have been working a LOT lately, so I told him that it may take weeks or maybe months before I can try it, I got a "no problem" and off he went. Well he called me yesterday asking if I had time to try it out yet, again I reminded him about how busy I have been and that it may take a couple weeks or months before I may have time......He gives me a "that not a problem". So I asked him if he was in a bind and needed the money, he said "No". So I did not feel as bad when I decided to just ask him, How much do you want for it anyway? He says he would like to get $50 for it.......Feeling guilty and like I was taking advantage of him, I said that that was to low and I'd give him $100 for it, he refused it....he said that it was used and needed a good cleaning. So after some persuading, I finally settled on him taking $75 for it.......I still haven't had the time to do more than give it a wash and look at it.......but I still feel like I took advantage of him...........If he was working I would have never given a second thought about given him the $50 and sent him on his way........So the wife and I were discussing the matter and I told her that the next chance I get, I want to make him some sausage.........and maybe smoke him a few chickens.......She thought that would be a good ideal .........but I do still feel like I have taken advantage of him..........Any thoughts?????? Here is a picture of it.....[​IMG]
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  2. That sounds like a really good deal if you like the mixer.  As for making your friend the sausage & smoked chickens - that is a very nice gesture & I'll bet he would really appreciate it.  [​IMG]
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    I say the same thing that B said.  Make some sausages and something else and share.

  4. If you think you have taken advantage of him then I agree, you should make it right.  If the roles were reversed and you were the one selling the mixer, what would you have let it go for?  Just my 2 cents
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    Anything $100 or less for a 2 year old hardly used 50Lb mixer is a steal! The only hassle you may find is it is too big to easily clean in your sink. However a hot water rinse in the sink to remove residual meat and fat followed up by a trip to the Bathroom Tub will make quick work of the thorough cleaning and sanitizing...JJ
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    Great find and I'm sure the sausage and chickens would be appreciated but in the end if he hadn't sold it that cheap to you he would have sold it cheaper to somebody else
  7. Have to agree with all the comments here.
  8. Make him some sausage. It will make you feel better. He will enjoy it and know that the mixer went to a good home.

    Happy smoken.

  9. You have one great Friend there, that I must say. Yes, it is good Idea to make some food as Mentioned and get it to Him and his Family. Did you take advantage of Him, probably not. Depending on the size of this mixer, selling it on Ebay or such might have been too much of a hassle.


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