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  1. sam3

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    I've made this many time before, and it's one of my fav's for sure.

    This recipe comes from NOLA Cuisine. The only thing I did different was to jack up the heat with a dried pepper blend a friend gave me.

    Two butts, cubed.

    The good stuff..

    I smoked these in my WSM, that was a first for me.

    I used these neat hangers for the WSM that I bought off Amazon.

    I created a small snake burn in the WSM and used my IQ120 to control the temps.

    150 for the first three hours with some Pecan chunks. Then 170* until I reached 153 IT.

    Ice bath, bloomed and refrigerated for a day.

    This is the final product.

    I tossed one on the grill and heated it up.

    Man, this was great!

    I like the NOLA recipe the best of them all. You can certainly tweek to the ingredients to your liking as well.

    Thanks for looking!
  2. chef willie

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    Yeppers.....nice color, good looking links and I see some fat chunks remained. One coarse grind? or did you actually dice a portion of the butt as originally done? The NOLA recipe is the one I've been meaning to try...seems very popular with good results. You're on a roll Sam3.....good job......Willie
  3. sam3

    sam3 Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks Chef.

    Just a coarse grind with this one, I like it this way better.

    I'll get a better pic of the smoking set up next time. I just had a few things going on that day. [​IMG]
  4. driedstick

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    Looks great - very nice job Sam

  5. reinhard

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    That's some great looking sausage.  I'll have to try this recipe myself with just the course grind [I do that with kielbasa].  Thank's for the pic's, that money shot is awesome.  Reinhard
  6. disco

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    Terrific looking sausage! I love andouille and yours looks terrific.

  7. I use the same Nola recipe with some extra heat added to it also. I do the dice on a portion of the meat though, but those slices look darn good. I like the color the pecan gave it. I'm going to have to get me some of those pellets to use next time. I've been using the pitmasters choice from Todd and I get a nice red smoked link. 

    How about an Andouille trade? [​IMG]
  8. sam3

    sam3 Smoking Fanatic


    If I were drying curing it, I would go the extra step with dicing. Just because it's a nicer looking presentation. But my andouille mostly goes into Gumbo, with pasta & shrimp, etc.

    I use Todd's pellets as well. Pecan is my go to wood for this and Kielbasa.
  9. Sam, just like you I made an 8 lb batch of Andouille last night...was up at 1am pulling them out of the smoker and doing the ice bath and into the fridge. When I get home, I'm going to put one of them in my curing chamber for 2-3 days to see what happens. Sort of like a semi-dry cured sausage. We'll see.
  10. Nice looking Andouille, great job sam. Thanks for sharing the pics !

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