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  1. mickey jay

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    Had a few extra hours a couple weekends ago.. made up some Andouille to please the soul.  :)   Used the NOLA recipe.

    Got a little long on one of those casings..Had my first blowouts with hogs.  Guess I packed em a bit too full and had to adjust.

    Yummy.  Darkened up considerably with a smoke mix of grape/cherry, hickory, finished with grape.  I'll probably only use two woods next time so I can try to determine the different flavors.  I was just trying to use up some leftover chunks so I just threw in what I had.

    Not quite the fat/meat clarity that I've seen in other posts, but it's still good stuff.  This was just a straight 3/8 grind on everything.  I didn't have the time or patience to cut 1/4 pieces and mix with 3/8 grind.  I'm still working with tough casings.  Next time I'll try the vinegar while the casing rehydrates.


  2. Nice looking sausages  [​IMG]    You said you were working with tough casings - how long did you soak them for?
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  4. mickey jay

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    Soaked overnight in straight water in the fridge. Around 15 hours.
  5. Ok I wanted to make sure you weren't just doing a 20 minute soak or something lol. I always soak mine in warm water for a couple hours - more if possible - & change the water several times. Works great for me. I never did an overnight soak in the fridge - usually don't plan my sausage making that far in advance  [​IMG]
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    I dont see anything wrong with the sausages.....[​IMG] other than they look tasty......[​IMG]
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    Dang nab it Man That looks great, great job, sorry to hear about the tough casings, hate it when that happens.

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