Almost grilling disaster.

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  1. Well I guess you could call it an almost grilling disaster.  I have a Brinkman Smoker and Grill combined.    Well the other day I was grilling some steaks.  Went out about 8 minutes after starting them to check on them and the top inside paint fell off and onto them.  Well I took them inside and washed them off and then stuck them back on the grill.  Not sure if I could repaint the inside or not?  I am going to scrap off the rest of the inside.  I am not sure if it is because of rust.  The outerside has been left in the raid a few times over the years and is rusty.
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    Just wirebrush it real good, remove all the leftover paint.  Then spray her down with PAM or rub her down with some kind of oil or lard, season it and get back to cooking.  You should be fine from there on out.
  3. I have some Pam or Lard I can use, probably use the Pam.  Kinda hard to find Lard anymore.  You Mentioned about seasoning it, what do you mean by that?  
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    After spraying it down with PAM, heat it up to 300 or above for a couple hours to season the pit.  It'll give the newly exposed metal a good coating of oil and protect the metal along with your food from any nasties left on the metal.
  5. Okay I see what you are saying.  Thank you for the help!

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