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Discussion in 'Beef' started by soslow, May 6, 2012.

  1. soslow

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    [​IMG]Tryed my 2ND brisket with burnt ends , on a all niter 8.75 lb.  Fat cap down. Hickory Cherry.

    On at 9:30pm Sat. and finished at about 10 am Sun. SV did  great!  dialed in at 226 at about 11 pm last niter Had a few Bushmill's on the rockes and keep a eye on things til l12:30am

    Got some shut eye and up at around 4am more wood all looked good so back to bed around 4:30am back to bed, At 8:30 the maverick stars beeping and wakes me up ! jump up and the hi food temp was set at 180.

    I was thinking this was a little fast, tryed  the toothpick check, point very nice flat a little drag.

    I decided to let it run for a little longer, till 188 and pulled it at around 10am.

    This is were things went wrong, I tryed to separate the point from the flat and didn't get it just right. I wrapped the flat and put in ice chest. Chopped the point more of Jeff's rub and sauce hot and spicy on the smoker 2hrs.

    This is when i realized after pulling the point off of the flat there is no rub on that part, next time separate first before rub.

     o well this is my first try at burnt ends and learned. Need some practice slicing also.

    All was good to taste for Sammie's and burnt ends for lunch Sun. 

    PIcs didn't come out so hot but a few .

    Till next time

  2. austinl

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    Looks great from here.
  3. Looks pretty darn good! How'd you like the burnt ends?
  4. soslow

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    The burnt ends were awesome, are first time making them!  I was using a Fish fillet knife to separate the point from the flat and messed that up a bit. I don't think you need s sharp knife at all.

    Thanks for askin

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  5. backwoods bbq

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    the small burnt crispy ends are called "cookies" dont know why people in austin, texas and on the circuit call it that but its a good name cuz i love em!
  6. s2k9k

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    I just use a butter knife and slip it in the fat between the point and flat work it around a little and lift the point right up. If it's cooked right it will practically just fall off. The last time I did them I used a spicy chipotle sauce mixed with brown sugar, they were awesome.

    You'res looks really good and those slices look sooooo juicy!
  7. jirodriguez

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    Great looking brisket! Congrats!

    Yeah... if you seperate at 180° or above, then a butterknife works great, only time I use a sharp knife is if I seperate them before I toss the brisket on the smoker.

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