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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pdxgriller, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Fellas, I live in a set of rowhouses, sort of like townhomes here in Oregon.  Right now, I have a CG Duo that I use for smoking meat and the other side for grilling a quick dinner.

    This weekend the temps are above normal and it is hot for us.  Since we are in a mild climate, few have central air (it was 60's and raining the past week).  

    New neighbors are moving in and I am afraid that my CG is going to leak like a sieve and piss some people off who have to keep their windows open and fans on to combat the heat.  I have tried to seal stuff up a bit, but not alot of success.  Was a gift from the wife, so hard to scrap it for something else right now.

    Thinking I may have to leave the smoking for another day but was requested to run a few pork butts or ribs for a party tomorrow.

    Any advice?
  2. rdknb

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    Invite them to Dinner, that way they will smell it cooking for them )
  3. Even if you seal it up your still gonna be pumping smoke TBS (hopefully) out even when you can't see it. As stated above invite them over for some grub and some brews!
  4. I have a similar situation, I also live in a terrace row, and I've just bought a WSM.  So I gave both sides some of the food I cooked, they loved it and we got to talk about the issues involved.  I think that if I regulate my useage and then slowly increase to the 'norm' I'll be OK, and an occasional 'peace' offering won't go amiss.

  5. No better way to get a good neighbor. Heck, sitting outside , drinking Cool Ones and having a good conversation with a friend , is the heart of a good BBQ ...
  6. Yes, the other folks here have it right, share, then offer to smoke something they make, help them get it started, let them choose though.  Start off with Ribs or similar.  They will love you and let you do as you choose, when you want to, as long it has to do with your Smoker.

    I have done that with my neighbors, most every day now they ask me my next smoker go is happening.  This is quite fun and entertaining to say the least.
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    yup... an offer of good Que goes a long way to placating the neighbors - also you can give them a heads up if you are planning a long smoke especialy an all nighter. I scared one of my neighbors on Thanksgiving morning - I fired up my WSM at 5:00 AM to toss the turkey on, he came out around 6:00 AM in a panic thinking his house was on fire... lol. I appologized and gave him a leg and thigh for the rude awakening... lol.

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