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  1. I bought a new smoker, the Smokin-it 3, tomorrow will be my first time using it. I have used the Brinkman electric smoker for the last 15 years. Its the one you start it up and leave it alone. I never really knew what temp it got to. I knew that at about 6 hours my baby backs were done. They always turned out great. With this new smoker, i can set the temp. It goes up to 250.

    So here are the details.

    Im smoking 8 slabs of baby backs tomorrow. Im in Chicago, its suppose to be a high of 71 degrees.

    What temp is the best for baby backs and how many hours? I will be using Hickory blocks that smokin-it sent with the smoker.

    Im not planning on wrapping them in foil, just setting the temp and leaving them alone. I want to try them the way I always did them in the Brinkman. Im planning on trying the wrapping process next time.

    Thanks for any advice!!!
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    Baby backs should take about 5 hours at 225*-250*.
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    Just a suggestion you know that Hickory is a hard smoke. With a new smoker, until I was a bit more acquainted with it, I would be really light handed with the smoke.

    Just my 2 cents

    Have fun and enjoy the smoke.
  4. Are you saying to only use a small amount of wood or use a different wood?
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    I was saying I would use a small amount till you get all the quirks of your smoker figured out. Hickory and mesquite are both what are considered "Hard smokes" That means they can be harsh or bitter if used in excessive amounts. Since its a new smoker I was saying I would not go overboard with the smoke till to get a better idea what to expect from it. Smokers have personalities just like people. The pitmaster has to figure out his pit and how to best use it so it'll sing (or make thin blue smoke).

    Normally hickory and Mesquite(another hard smoke) are reserved for long smokes like brisket and butts. But you can still use them for quicker smokes as long as you don't use too much.

    Hope that helps.

    Remember. no stress allowed, if you even feel like you are starting to stress, sit down and wait till it passes.
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  6. Thank you, I actually spoke with the owner of Smokin-it and he said to use only two pieces of Hickory and to go 220 for 4.5 hours. Im going to take a look at 4.5 hours to see what they are looking like.

    Thank you for the info, very helpful!

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