Added BBQ Guru to the Horizon Offset Today

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  1. I finally got around to installing the BBQ Guru I picked up from jbvj last month.  I have the Horizon 20" RD Special Marshal offset.  I've been putting it off due to the lack of motivation to drill through 1/4" steel haha.  I hooked everything up to test it out before ramping the temps up for grilling some chicken.  I was really impressed with how quick the smoker came up to temp (225).  I also was a bit concerned with the possibility of ashes being blown into the cook chamber, which is not the case.  

    I will be doing a long smoke soon and will post some Q-view.

  2. chef jimmyj

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    I think the Guru's are a great tool. When I get out of this Apartment and can burn wood or charcoal again, some fan/PID controller rig will be purchased...JJ
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  3. I'm chomping at the bits to do a long smoke now!  I'm busy this week with the Memphis In May BBQ it must wait!
  4. Hello jwmiser85, I just ordered a 20" RD Marshall Special like yours just today and now I have to wait patiently for 8 weeks to get it. Long lead times. Anyway I've been looking at the BBQ Guru's as well and now I'm wondering if the guys at Horizon can accommodate by drilling the port for me. How do you like your smoker and did you look at others before deciding on the Horizon?

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