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    I've purchased the tri tips from the local butcher store, but I don't make regular trips there yet.  I see sirloin tips advertised on special at the grocery store meat departments all the time.  Is this the same cut of beef?  The difference from the butcher to the grocery store is about $1 or more per pound.
  2. I believe both come from the bottom sirloin.  The Tri Tip is more of a small roast while the Sirloin Tips are further processed into marinated steaks or thin fajita strips. 

    That's as far as my knowledge extends, other than to say it's a challenging meat that can be made tender and flavorful with proper preparation.
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    Yes, there are three sections:

    Tri Tip:


    Tip Ball:


    Tip Flap:

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  4. I'm not sure where this brings us, except to confirm tip meat is pretty much from the same larger area of the cow  I don't know enough to say which cut is less tender.  My experience at a grocery store level is that tip meat may be processed into hamburger meat.  The fatness or leanness, I couldn't tell you.

    Also, since I dare no risks.  Now and then my store will cut up their tips into what they call "Sirloin Tips", chopped up meat for a slow crock pot.   On a good day, they might even slice up some potatoes, onion and celery to make it look like it's all you need for a good stew.  It's often not enough, so some customers will buy two packages at $7.95 a pound and still wish they had their momma's recipe. 

    Just saying.  Stores are in the business of trying to make a profit.  Some people are less attuned to a good deal than others.

    Thanks for listening.


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