A MAZE N smoker minor issue

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by shields, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. shields

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    So this is my second smoke on my MES 30".  Formerly ECB and Char broil silver smoker.  The MES is a godsend.

    Anyway, my first smoke went well, but the fire jumped the maze.  So I thought I would on do 1 1/2 columns for #2 so it didnt jump again.  Then this happened, again.  Am I doing something wrong?  

    As you can see, it didnt start on the unlit...  until the column next to it was right there.  I have the MES chip cylinder pulled out about an inch and took out the  chip tray from inside.  Food came out great, but its not going to last for a whole smoke and I am wasting the pellets at this point.   


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  2. Scott

    try using less pellets. About a 1/4" below the top. I often lite both ends. So your not wasting your pellets that much.

    Happy smoken.

  3. shields

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    Ill give that a shot!  Thanks very much.

  4. kathrynn

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  5. bearcarver

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    The only times I've seen an AMNPS jump rows is if it's too full, making the space between the rows very small, and I believe somebody had one too close to the element.

  6. njfoses

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    I had frequent issues with my amnps jumping rows in my mes 30.  I use a 10x10 tile wrapped in foil over the heating element cover to even out the temps in the right back hand corner.  I believe a side affect of this is heat was radiating to the amnps causing all rows to ignite.  I went with the mailbox mod a few months ago and have not had an issue since.
  7. bearcarver

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    I tried laying a piece of tile in that corner, and it got super hot under the tile, and very slow to heat the rest of the smoker. I would guess that would have made the AMNPS burn up.

    Then I put a sheet of aluminum down there, and raised the left side of the aluminum. That causes the heat to slide over and go up the middle, instead of trapping it underneath.


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