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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by jteer, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. jteer

    jteer Fire Starter

    I have a chargriller with the side box...in the bottom of the main grill is a drain hole of some sort. What goes there to catch the drippings? I have a piece of wood under it now to keep the grease off my deck!

    Also, what can I do about rust on the cooking grates? A couple of them have a little rust & when they get hot, the rust seems to get worse!
  2. tim k

    tim k Newbie

    I think my char griller came with a little cup to go under that hole. I lost that, but a coffee can on the rack below works pretty good.

    As far as your grates rusting. Are you grilling with your also? Or is it just using it as a smoker? If you are using it as a grill. You are cooking the seasoning off of the grate from the higher heat. You need to spray them with pam or something like it so they get "reoiled" and don't rust. I spray mine before I cook and after. If you are just smoking then you need to re season them. The temp from smoking shouldn't cook off you season.

    Hope this helps.
  3. garyt

    garyt Smoking Fanatic

    It should have came with a little metal can holder, that goes into the hole and you use a old empty soup type can to catch the grease. I had that setup on my New Braunfels , but I plugged it up with a flat head screw and a washer and what I do is line the bottom with 2 strips of aluminum foil joined in the middle with a seam folded about 4 times so it is like a wide single sheet I leave it longer so I can fold up the ends so it collects everything the grease and drippings. Then the next morning after cooking is is solidified, I just fold it up throw it away and my cooker is clean[​IMG]
  4. jteer

    jteer Fire Starter

    yes, I grill also!
  5. olewarthog

    olewarthog Meat Mopper

    You need to clean & oil those grates while they are still warm. Most of the time I don't get around to cleaning until the next day, so I heat the grates up on my gasser, brush them clean, then rub them down with a paper towel soaked with cooking oil. A lot of folks spray them with PAM & that works too. I always seem to have a container of bacon grease & that is free. [​IMG] I do this after both a smoking or a grilling session
  6. jteer

    jteer Fire Starter

    Thanks...I will do that!

    Any EASY way to remove the rust?
  7. jirodriguez

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    If it is only a small amount of rust just hit it with a grill brush then oil it, and you will be fine.

    If there is rust all over I suggest you clean them while hot, then when cool hit with a wire brush, then oil them right away. After that make sure you grill brush them after cooking and oil them right away.

    This why I bought a used Weber Kettle on craigslist, I use it for my high heat grilling and my char-griller is strictly for smoking. The natural coating from the smoke and what not seasons the cast iron and keeps it from rusting. [​IMG]

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