8lb turkey breast ready to go

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by rsnovi, Nov 27, 2014.

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    Planning a 300 degree smoke with peach wood. I bribed it Tuesday night, dried Wednesday night, and rubbed today.

    It should take around 3 - 3.5 hours. Although the the smoker has to overcome the 32 degree weather.

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  2. Yep - same here in WNC.  My smoker is struggling to reach 300 and, during the summer, it would get well above 350 if I didn't watch it careful. I hit 400 seasoning it with no problem.  The steady, cool breeze isn't helping much.

    I noticed you used Tapatalk - I can't seem to find SMF in Tapatalk.  Anybody know the "magic" search phrase?
  3. Looks like some good eats. I love smoking with peach wood. I use it for all of my smokes.
  4. The turkey is cooking a little bit faster than I hoped. It is already at 112. The smoker climbed right to 300 quicker than I was thinking it would.

    I don't recall how I got Tapatalk to work. I also did a search and am now unable to find it. I only use it to post pictures. Most of other people's pictures don't show up using Tapatalk. Funny that it works that way.


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  5. Mine finished early, too, even though the smoker stayed just below 300 most of the time.  I was thinking earlier that it would be nice if the ET-733 graphed the temps.  I see that the iGrill does that - now I'm gonna "need" one of those.
  6. Turned out pretty moist and flavorful. I had to rest it for 1 hour while the rest of the meal was completed. We have quite a bit left over too.

    I went from 300 down to 250 to prolong but it still finished in about 2.75 hours.

    Didn't get pictures of the final product.

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  7. coryb

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    I smoked one of those 8lb breasts today too.  It was anywhere from 1-6 degrees here.  I cooked at temps between 230-275 and it ended up taking 5hrs.  I brought it on myself as i got to IT  of 163 and pulled down my windbreak and removed the Reflectix insulation i had around the smoker thinking i was to be done within the next 20mins.  Then an hour later and having to stoke the fire with more charcoal and put the Reflectix jacket back on it finally hit 165.  Hopefully i learned from that.  probably not, but we'll see.  Hope it was great.  Have a happy Thanksgiving!
  8. Here are some leftovers. Not a bad sandwich.


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    Nice , Novi ,looks Marvelous , and the I-Grill grafix were nice... these new gadgets are sooo cool , but as Computer Illiterate as I am . . .the instructions would blow my mind[​IMG].

    I still have to look at the keyboard to type , and forget organizing , I have copies of my pics maybe 20 times over and can't delete them [​IMG]  Takes an hour post sometimes... 

    Have fun and . . .

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