60 degrees in Western NY! Smoking a Christmas Ham! Need some advice

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jtyler48, Dec 23, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    Happy Holidays! 

    This will be my 2nd attempt at smoking a ham. The first one was a couple of years ago on a different smoker and I can't really remember everything that went along with it. 

    The ham was given to me by a family member. It is a 20lb Fully Cooked Skinless Shankless Natural Wood Smoked Ham. I don't believe it's spiral cut. 

    I know that since the ham is already fully cooked, it just needs to be reheated. A few questions I have:

    What is the target temp I should be looking for to call the ham done and ready to eat? Does it matter?

    What is the approx time per lb it should be smoked for? 

    What temp should the smoker be kept at?

    Do you recommend injecting and rubbing the ham the night before?

    Lastly, I planned to smoke with Apple wood and use Lump charcoal. Thoughts on these 2 for the ham?

    Thanks in advance everyone. 

    Merry Christmas!
  2. travisty

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    Here is a good post from Bear:


    Different type of ham, but same principals apply. The temp is still important, you just want to get it up to 140 degrees F, just to be safe. I would personally (and have) score up the ham just a bit to help with smoke absorption, but I would not inject it with anything since it is already cooked. Id cook at 275 or higher, and it should reheat within a few hours, though I guess im not sure of the time per pound on cooked ham, but if you read through bears post you may find all your answers.
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  3. dirtsailor2003

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    I wouldn't bother with injecting or brining. A simple rub of garlic, pepper, chipotle. No salt ham is salty enough. As you mentioned you are basically just warming it up. Since you are smoking it I would run the smoker around 225, use a good sweet wood. Apple, cherry, pecan, peach or a combination.

    Make a glaze I like sweet heat so we take apricot or peach preserves, beer, garlic, hot sauce, pineapple and reduce that down. Apply glaze a couple times the last hour.

    For temp I'd go to 140-145. You're just reheating already cooked ham.
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    I agree with all of the above.  You can run your smoker up as high as 300, I would not go any higher.  If it is a cut ham make sure you coat the cut end with a heavy glaze to keep it from drying out.  You can also place the ham in a shallow cookie sheet and pour in some Sprite, this will keep the cut end from drying out.  

    Good luck and Smoke ON!

  5. jtyler48

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    Thanks fellas!

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