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    I copied this from another forum, did'nt want to post a dirrect link and get in trouble.

    In late July, I was asked by Weber Public Relations to try out a pre-production version of a new 2009 WSM model that will be available this fall. I agreed, but was asked to do so on a confidential basis as the product had not been announced.

    I received the cooker last Saturday, Aug. 9, assembled it on Sunday, and cooked on it for the first time on Monday, Aug. 11.

    When the photo from the Weber Denmark site emerged, I asked Weber if I could speak about the product, and they agreed.

    Yes, this is the 22" WSM you have been waiting for!

    It features:
    • Two 22" cooking grates - 50% larger than current WSM
    • Built-in lid thermometer with 1.5" stem...temp range of 100-350*F in 5*F increments
    • Extra lid handle on edge (it's a heavy lid)
    • Larger 4-1/4" vent dampers with 4 3/4" holes
    • Improved access door: taller, wider, with handle that indicates locked position, and a clever design that allows you to remove the door entirely or have it open downward but still attached--without hinges
    • Monster 3-gallon water pan with wider rim and redesigned grill straps to stablize the pan...this pan is not going anywhere once in the cooker
    • Sturdier 2" wide legs
    • Improved charcoal grate: the gaps at the edges have been closed to prevent charcoal from falling through
    • Really big charcoal chamber...have not yet measured capacity, but 9 lbs of charcoal looked very lonely in the bottom of the chamber
    • A drip pan mounted on the legs to catch liquid from the bottom vent dampers
    • A bit more headroom between the top grate and inside top of lid, and a bit more space between top and bottom grates
    I cooked 6 slabs of loin back ribs on the top grate...4 in a rib rack and one slab on either side laid out flat on the grate. So 6 slabs cooked in flat orientation without having to roll the ribs. Without a rib rack, 3 slabs lay flat with room to spare on all sides, unlike the current WSM.

    Temperature control seems to be as good as the current WSM.

    My next test is 6 whole chickens. I think you might be able to stand beer can chicken on the lower grate...we'll see. Then I will do a long pork butt cook and see how that goes.

    It is my understanding that many of these features have been rolled into the 18" WSM...thermometer (slightly different design), access door, water pan, charcoal grate, drip pan.

    What is not included that you may have wanted?
    • Handles on middle section
    • Probe thermometer eyelet
    • Handles on lower cooking grate
    • Connected charcoal chamber/grate
    But hey, you still need stuff to be able to mod yourself, right? [​IMG]

    I don't have any definitive information on price or when it will be available for purchase at retailers.

    I have posted some photos here:

    2009 22" WSM Photos

    And several videos on the TVWB channel on YouTube:

    Part1: Out of Box Experience
    Part 2: Out of Box Experience
    Part 3: Assembly
    Part 4: Final Comments & Comparison to Current 18" WSM

    To sum up in one word...Wow! Hard to believe that after 20+ years of no feature enhancement, Weber turned its attention to the WSM and made many of the improvements we've all been asking for, including larger capacity. For years, I never believed this day would come. So to all you dreamers out there, keep on dreaming...because sometimes dreams do, in fact, come true!
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    been tryin to decide betweem wsm and bar-b-chef . i like the bigger size on the new weber. now more to think about.......cool[​IMG]
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    Thats like comparing a Sherman tank to a compact.....Get the Weber!
  4. bbq bubba

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    Rich, for the money the Beast would bring ya in scrap, you could own one of these......


  5. earache_my_eye

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  6. goobi99

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    i just looked around on some other sites. msrp $399 eta fall 2009.[​IMG] now what am i supposed to buy?
  7. richtee

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    Grrr.... Just when I was getting serious about building a UDS. Hmmm...
  8. richtee

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    Heh... A couple of those. It's close to a drum, but man $400? The WSM I have I got for $25 at a garage sale. Might have to wait a year. I need something for "everyday" use tho, and it would sure be nice not to have to cut my slabs in half.
  9. goobi99

    goobi99 Meat Mopper

    i hear ya rich... i hate having to half briskets...i mean 22.5" its the size of my grill... i can only dream of a smoker that size with that kind of fire control W/O MODS!!! what to do..what to do 400 is a bit much tho..seen a wsm on craigslist for $50 but driving to the other side of fl is not really worth it [​IMG]
  10. Yeah $400 is pretty pricey but that is MSRP. I'll bet you'll be able to find them for $300 or less on the web once they come out.
  11. Yeah , with the weber definatly being the compact [​IMG]
  12. Build a drum for a fraction of that and it will run circles around it.
  13. Ok guys, tell me what you would do - money no object -

    WSM or GOSM? I have 2 GOSMs and love them. They aren't getting the use now that I have a bigger toy [​IMG]

    Now, money IS an object - WSM or GOSM? I mean 400 smackers???
  14. bbq bubba

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    Build the drum!!!

    Don't buy either, build a drum.

    Did i mention the drum?

    Hands down....WSM

    But i'd build a drum!

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