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  1. Haven't posted in a while, and I am still new to my brinkmann S 'n G, but decided to do a couple racks of ribs today. Will do my best to post some Q-view later. Using a 2-2-1 method, and smoker temp is sitting at 240-250.

    One racks has some pre-made rub on it (Famous Daves rib rub) and the other rack is rubbed with my own mix (brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, crushed red pepper, cayenne and chipotle.
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    That all sounds good but I'm having trouble seeing it. Qview would be nice. I'll check back later.
  3. okay....sorry about the Q-view guys and gals. I had some issues with my camera on saturday. and yes, there were fresh batteries in it....

    Now, onto the results. The ribs were very good in the flavor department. Had good smoke on them, though not much of a ring. Texture-wise, about half of one rack was excellent (maybe more fat on that side?) and the other half was so-so. The other rack was so-so at best with regard to texture.

    I like my ribs pretty close to fall off the bone and not much pull and my wife likes hers the same if not completely fall off the bone. These ribs did not fit that description. My Brinmann SnP(SnG) has no mods but I use the existing charcoal pan an angle it high on the firebox side to deflect some direct heat. Ribs were sitting in the middle of the chamber. Temps ended up ranging from 225-255 throughout...I foiled after about 2.5 hrs, as they never pulled back from the bone much - maybe 1/8 of an inch and not across the entire rack on either of them...

    Anyone have any ideas on what went wrong? Thanks in advance!
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    Sounds like to me that you are not cooking long enough...I like mine to fall off the bone and that takes a while...I put them as far away from the fire as possible and keep the heat around 200
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    I foil at 2.5 hours as well.If i foil 1 hour-no juice-they have tug.If the crowd,judges want fall off-1 hour 30 minutes.

    If you added juice to foil-too much can take along time to get the ribs braising/steaming in pouch.

    Also what we call mutant ribs on comp tour.They raise alot of these pigs standing close together etc. and this can really effect quality of meat etc......

    Were the ribs packaged in a solution,i avoid these for texture issues........
  6. ribs came from the local meat market - frozen at one point, but not packaged in solution. I now think I had too much juice in the foil - next time will use less and move them farther from the fire.

    thanks for the replies.

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