1st Pork Butt Using The Snake Method

Discussion in 'Pork' started by philh, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys,

    It's been long time no see. I finally made some time to cook another Boston Butt. I'm using my Oklahoma Joe Longhorn smoker on this one. I usually use nothing but oak wood with this smoker but I wanted to try something different. I'm hoping that by using this method I might get longer cook times without having to mess with the pit every hour. lol

    I'm using Stubbs Natural Charcoal with Oak wood chunks. I bought a 9 pound Butt from my Butcher tonight so I know it's fresh.. :)

    I know everybody likes pics so here they are:

    I don't have a charcoal basket so I used a few bricks to divide my fire box. I wanted to make sure before I invest in a basket.

    Here we are loaded up with charcoal. I have wood chunks buried in the charcoal. I only used 5 pounds of Stubbs. That may be a little lite. I can always add more.

    Of course we have to see a naked pic of the meat.. [​IMG]

    I have the meat seasoned with Jeff's Rub. I used the Savory Texas rub modification. It sure is good.

    I will post more pics later as the smoke progresses.. 

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  3. Be Watching

  4. OK I have a few more pics. The pit is holding steady at 235 degrees. I'm happy as a clam..

    Here is a pic of the snake.. It's heating well.. 235 pit temp..

    My 10 year old said I had to take a pic without the flash.. Got to keep him happy.

    Now here is a perfect pic of TBS (thin blue smoke). Please excuse the messy yard.. [​IMG]

    So far things are going good..

  5. Any update?  Looking to do this exact same thing. 

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