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  1. [​IMG]Doing my first brisket, its an 8lber, hopefully it goes well, also some turkey legs, sausage and pork ribs. Feel pretty good about everything but the first time brisket has me going, but im up for the challenge, thanks to all the folks here, ive learned a lot now its time to put it to use. Also want to thank all the service folk for the freedom and protection you provide, God bless you all, ill post pics of the brisket, its beer thirty right now so everyone have a safe and great time!!
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  2. s2k9k

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  3. Now I am hungry! looks great.

    Happy smoken.

  4. surber55

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    In honor of Memorial Day, I am doing my first smoke on my new MES 40.  Very excited!!  Smoking a couple of chickens and some dogs!  Tomorrow ribs!!

    First smoke!

    I'll update more later. 

    Thanks to all our veterans for your service!!
  5. suie

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    Smoked chicken wings, reverse seared to crisp the skin. Jeff's rub and sauce.

    Huge reverse seared cheeseburger on an inadequate bun.

    Hope everyone is having a great holiday!
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    I too would like to thank all for their service for this country,

    so I and we can do this.
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    And here are the cornish hens........

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    Perfectly said.
  9. Those Cornish hens sure look tasty! [​IMG]

    Not sure if it's been posted here already, but Lowe's has 2x20 lb. bags of KB for $9.99. Tomorrow is the last day.
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    Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. I've been smoking food all weekend, and I'm very thankful for the sacrifice those who serve or have served in our military.

    This weekend's line up include smoked pork chops Friday night, smoked lake trout Saturday night, and today is baby back ribs with a side of chicken drum sticks as a snack!

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    Great pics
  12. added a pic of the brisket turned out great, but obviuosly not too computer savy, the pic went on my first post not this one, oh well, thanks everyone for the great tips and posts!!
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    First - 

    Pork Tenderloin 2 ways-

    Tenderloin 1: My pork rub, tenderloin split halfway through with fresh garlic and spinach, wrapped in bacon weave.

    Tenderloin 2: Cinnamon Apricot glaze

    Smoked Boneless Boston Butt (first time boneless for me)

    After a ton of reading decided to tie with butchers string.

    Rubbed with:

    Cayenne pepper


    Kosher Salt

    Seasoned Pepper


    Dark Brown Sugar

    Injected w/ Apple juice

    Chilled for 24 hours

    Mopped every 2-3 hours with simple apple juice. 

    Smoking as we speak in Apple wood hour 7 current internal temp 162 degrees.
  14. [​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  15. s2k9k

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    So I took one of the steaks I cut earlier and seared it on a 550* grill:
  16. Here's what I made for sunday night dinner.

    2.5 hours at about 300.

    just three lumps of hickory that were gone in about 45 minutes or so

    about the perfect smoke flavor for the wife and kids.

    heres a pic on the service plate

    here's what went on for tomorrow at lunch time

    memphis rub with brown sugar, done saturday am.

    this is uncooked, just put it on for the night of cooking.
  17. [​IMG]  that looks great.

    Happy smoken.

  18. matt22556

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    Looks great!
  19. jaxrmrjmr

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    Great looking burger.  I have yet to smoke a big, fat burger.

    All the pics look good.  Keep 'em coming.
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    Butt or glorious butt!!


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