Well its all your fault guys...My UDS is now cooking its first shoulder!

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by pocketaces, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. pocketaces

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    The build is going ok.  Pics to follow tomorrow.  We are having a hard time getting a tight seal/connection of the pipe nipples using those conduit nuts.  Are the "teeth" supposed to be facing in?  It seems as if that is allowing there to be slight spaces in the metal.

    The welding of the fireboxes went great.  Maybe if we can't get the 3 pipe nipples in tight we'll bring the barrels to our welder buddy to weld those in too.

    As soon as we think we had the 3 nipples tight, they loosen up/shift.  This goes for the two with the caps as well as the one with the ball valve.  The size of the holes we drilled are perfect.  They allow for the nipple to screw in snuggly.  However as soon as we put the conduit nuts on things get a little haywire.

    Any advise is appreciated.
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  2. arnie

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    The teeth on the conduit nuts are supposed to contact the surface.

    The problem with conduit fittings is that they have a flat thread.  

    Pipe fittings have a tapered thread.

    They only kinda fit together.
  3. ak1

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    It sounds like you have the conduit nuts on backwards.
  4. qview, pictures - give us something to work with - I have Imagination Deficiency Disorder!
  5. pocketaces

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    OK.  She's built.  I'll load up some pics today.  I've got about 10 pounds of coal no wood chucks in there.  I've got all three valves and the chimney wide open.  Its been running near 400 degree for about an hour now.  I just wanted to see how hot it would go using the minion method. 

    My question now is how do I properly season it.  I sprayed it with some cooking spray before lighting the chimney starter.  Now that its been 400 for a while should I start closing it up until I find the cooking temps I like?

    Thank you everyone and I promise pictures today.  Just know, she is ugly.
  6. ak1

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    With mine, I keep the 2 intakes capped, and the ball valve opened up about 1/3 and the drum will keep temps around 225 for hrs.
  7. scarbelly

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    Looking forward to seeing the finished project
  8. pocketaces

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    Went to the store for milk and they had pork shoulders on sale for .99 a pound!  I took that as a sign.  So I ran home and threw some chunks of apple wood on top of the coals.  I rubbed the pork and threw it on.  I better go get some more pics to load up.

    Qview to follow...
  9. pocketaces

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  10. pocketaces

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  11. rbranstner

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    Its definitely a sign from the Smoke God's. Can't wait to hear how you like smoking on the UDS.
  12. pocketaces

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    I'm having technical issues with the pictures.  Efforting...
  13. pocketaces

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    Next time I'll find a better way to roll the expanded steel.  These came out a little lop sided...



    This years wood.  Guy wanted 50 I gave him $60 and told him I want to be his only customer each year!
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  14. pocketaces

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  15. pocketaces

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    Hopefully you guys can see the Qview.

    I already see plenty of things I'll change in my next build.  But I'm going to smoke on this one for a long time before version 2.0 comes out.

    Thank you ALL for your help.

    Going to go check my temps.  Nothing like learning a new smoker!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I got a question for everyone to weigh in on. Why do you build the UDS with two of the intakes with pipe nipples and caps, why not use ball valves on all three?
  17. rw willy

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    Ball valves are expensive!
  18. pocketaces

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    8 hours in and the shoulder is at 175.  I'm not going to foil.  I want to see what this drum will put out.

    BTW the cooker has been lit for 11 hours now and still holding strong.  Wow!
  19. tom37

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    Welcome to the world of drum cooking, they're simply freaking awesome.
  20. I am curious as to why you did not just weld the pipe nipples in place since you was already welding the fire basket together?

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