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    From WI, i just bought a CG wrangler about a month ago and my SFB just came in. Done some mods and going to smoke a turkey this sunday,any tips would be greatly appreciated. I decided to move my vent stack to the back side by my SFB and turn the smokers ash catcher upside down and add red solid bricks to the bottom. pretty happy with it. But does anyone else have a problem with their SFB being very wabbly and not so sturdy?
  2. tdelong515

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    and this is a nice addition for BBQ parties since CG does not provide adequate room to hold trays for unloading meats....and corn[​IMG]
  3. Hi folks!

    I live in Portland, Oregon and I've been using my Char-Griller Pro Deluxe (#2222, not the fancy ones with the condiment basket or the front shelf) since 2012.

    Mine started off as a grill, and I used it as that all of the first year and a half I had it and was very happy using it just to cook food over charcoal.

    In 2013 I got the SFB and did my first smoke. Through the rest of that year I switched between using it as a grill and as a smoker, depending on what was on the menu. This past spring, I decided that it was time for Miss Otis to go full-time as a smoker. I extended the chimney inside the cooking chamber (including the fake 'reverse-flow' set-up,) bent up some hangers to keep my stock charcoal tray inverted as a baffle, had some custom smoker-friendly cooking grates made, ditched the worthless thermometer for a General digital K-type unit, plugged the holes with some trick screw-type decorative nuts, and engineered up a new axle and nice wheels same size as stock.

    Mostly I smoke pork ribs and bacon, but this summer I've decided to do some pork shoulder and brisket. Maybe even grind up and smoke some homemade sausage!

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    Welcome TheCheese, ElJefeBBG and tdlong515  to the CG group!

    Sorry we are late in welcoming some of you.  This forum is still in a state of start up.

    TheCheese... Miss Otis looks in pretty good state for both smoking and grilling after 3 years.

    ElJefeBBG ... That is a good looking bunch of meat you posted.

    tdlong515  ... I assume that is a stand alone table.  Looks to heavy to be attached to CG.
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    what's up! I didn't realize there was a group for CG owners on here. I've had mine for about 4 years but just recently made this mod to it because I couldn't get even temps temps side to side and this works great.
    since the pic I have added a second stack and a third pipe between the CC and FB and the two outside pipes have dampers in them.
  6. fpmich

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    Welcome to the group thesmokist!

    Love your mod there, but isn't it a little difficult removing ashes, and adding coals?
  7. lemans

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    Interesting design. I have seen modified reversed flows built like this
  8. thesmokist

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    thanks man! I positioned the fire box so the drawer will slide out without hitting the legs and I changed the hinges and handle around so it pulls open and down from the top. the radiant heat isn't bad you can stand in front of it with no problem. it works really good and the heat is dead even. I've actually considered welding the whole CC closed and cutting a door in it and putting in two slide out racks but I haven't made up my mind on that yet. yeah I have a little to much time on my hands and ALOT of ideas HAHA!
  9. Hello all, I have been lurking around SMF for about a month or so now and I guess it is time to introduce myself and start posting. I am somewhat of a novice smoker being that I have never owned a true smoking unit until now, but have been cooking with a mixture of charcoal and wood for years now, mostly with an indirect/ low heat method that does render a smoky flavor, and, dare I say, even smoke rings.:biggrin:

    About 7 months ago I stumbled on to the CG Super Pro 2121 at my local hardware store and bought it on the spot since I had been wanting to upgrade from my 22.5" Webber kettle, which is in bad shape, for some time. A few days later I slow cooked half a pork butt for almost 12 hrs and it was amazing. (See my avatar picture) I then felt I needed the SFB attachment pronto, but due to a limited market in my country, as far as BBQing goes, it didn't look like it was going to happen. I even talked to the guy in charge of purchasing at the store where I bought it, and he said he could get it for $150, no thanks! Then a little over a month ago I was at the same hardware store and saw they had the Patio Pro 1515 and bought it on the spot also. Now I am in the process of converting it in to an SFB. It is the same size as the advertised SFB accessory unit, but it does not have the "football" cutout, and worst of all the exhaust damper on it is higher on the 1515. An exhaustive search on the internet lead me to this site, and well here I am. The info on this site has been a real eye opener, really great info and community feel!

    I still have not found any thread or video or anything attempting to do this, so I will be starting a new thread about it, I will try to only post things that haven't been posted already. Thermometers, RTV, gaskets and such are still in the mail, so it will be a while.

    Also, living in the tropics gives me access to a wide variety of wood, (citrus and fruit and such) so I will try and add content about that as well as a future project I have in mind to convert the big blue tank in the picture below in to a smoker, any input would be graciously appreciated.


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    Welcome to the CharGriller Group, Alex.[​IMG]
  11. erazz

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    Hello everyone, just beginning novice smoker and been reading the forum for a couple weeks now.  I've had a Chargriller Duo for about 5 years, but just put the side firebox on a couple weeks ago, so i'm still trying to learn that part of the grill.   Currently the only MOD i've done is the chimney extension,  I definitely think I need to do some sealing, I tried on the firebox lid with the green egg gasket kit, but it still wasnt closing firmly (one side was significantly open compared to the other side.   Right now im trying foil on the drum side, again to mixed results.   Will continue to tinker and hopefully i can get it to perform at its best.   Any specific tips one can give to a newbie Chargriller smoker?
  12. lemans

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    Look up my posts I have uploaded pictures and mod that I have done on my 5050 . If you have any questions send me a pm and I will gladly help you
  13. wdoss89

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    Hello to all CG owners and modifiers. Ive been grilling and attempting the smoke on my weber for the last few years. I reacently got hooked on smoking after a coworker had my family over for baby back ribs and smoked corn on the cob. I spent a lot of time in the south for work right after school and when I moved back home there was definitely a shortage of good smoke and que. Im definitely a novice but have been researching, building, and waiting to put this unit thru the ringer.

    Ive got a Char-Griller Deluxe griller with a side fire box. Got both for little to nothing after helping a guy move and he wanted to toss it out because of a little rust. I currently am working on sealing up the whole thing, then im adding in a set of LAVA-LOCK and Island Outdoors baffle plates. Pre-designed for awesome smoke and heat flow. Lastly im going to get a charcoal box made for the sidefire box. As soon as i get all the mods done to her I'l get some picks and hopefully get many years of smoking out of this beauty. Thanks and happy smoking to you all.
  14. fpmich

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    Welcome new members!

    I've been slow in reading and responding. Welcome to the group.
  15. lemans

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    Nice to see the group is growing. Welcome
    to our new members
  16. Hey everyone here's my Char-Griller Super Pro W/ SFB. Since moving out to California from Texas earlier this year I have been in withdrawals from good Texas BBQ, or and decent Q at all really. So after some research here on SMF and a few nights in the garage I have a smoker that's capable of putting out some good 'ol, Texas style, thick smoke ring, real deal BBQ goodness. After getting it all seasoned and prepped I cooked for the guys at work (40lbs Brisket, 20lbs Chicken and 10lbs Sausage). I had these Cali folks taste buds in Most of them have never had real BBQ before. Anyway here's what Ive got.

    I use the legs meant for the SFB w/ the

    charcoal pan inverted as a"tuning plate"

    and it works AWESOME!! (Even all the

    way across within 5-10)

    Also used angle iron and stove seal

    around the outside to seal it up.

    Used dryer vent to bring the stack down

    to just above the grill level.

    My firebox lid was all warped so to

    seal it better I added a latch. Also

    built a charcoal basket a definite

    necessity for maintaining temps.

    Of course added two thermometers at grate

    level. Still looking for something to plug

    up the hole the junky factory gauge sits.

    I replaced the factory shelves with a

    more functional and custom looking

    work area. (40lbs of brisket first

    over night smoke on the new unit)

    Another peak about half way through.

    It practically fell apart!!!

  17. wdoss89

    wdoss89 Smoke Blower

    Holy cow good looking setup. Like the latch on your firebox lid I have similar problem and solution.

    Your brisket looks pretty fantastic....youve apparently got this way under you belt. Congrats and happy smoking!
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  18. Thanks wdoss89. Growing up in Texas you learn your way around a smoker at an early
  19. fpmich

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    You've most everything nailed you can do the CG, Jarburr25.

    Welcome to the group!

    What woods did you use for your shelves? 

    Wanting to replace mine and extend them out one more width.  Would like to use Teak, but boy is it expensive!
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  20. wdoss89

    wdoss89 Smoke Blower

    fpmich just from the looks of it it looks like butcher block top! What a great idea! I did this to an island in my house and I absolutely love is upkeep but if done right many years of great use!

    Jaburr25-what are your details on doing your brisket? I havent yet but am going to start doing notes for my stuff. Just thought it looked freaking good and Im going to be doing one soon myself and want it to be spot on!

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