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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by freiesleben, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. freiesleben

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    Hi all,

    Anyone in here who owns a Stumps Baby, and if they have some pictures of same and what the actual capacity is. Because I am considering buying one of those. I would be great if anyone in Houston, TX area had one and were willing to show it :)

    Currently they seems to be some of the only gravity feed smokers on the market. At least in that price range.

    All the best
  2. There are several out the for around the same price

    Rebel Smokers

    Superior Smokers

    Viking Smokers

    Assassin Smokers
  3. Check out Humphreys as well
  4. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Thanks UncleBubbas BBQ, I have been looking at most of them. I have tried to contact Rebel and Superior, but it seems that they have not updated anything for entire 2015 at least, and I saw somewhere that at least Superior is not in production currently because of their manufacturer.

    Humphrey GF is min USD 2900 and seems to be quite bigger than Stumps Baby.

    Assassin Smokers seems still to be in production but the smallest GF they have is USD 2700.

    I think around USD 2000 would be my max.

    What smoker do you have?
  5. Weber 22" SMS but I have been looking for an insulated gravity fed smoker. They are not cheap! My brother is a welder and I may talk to him about building me one. Dare to dream! Good luck!
  6. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Yeah, you are right they are pretty expensive, but I like the thing that you can put it on and then it does not need that much of babysitting.

    Would be nice to have a welder in the family :) Then I would for sure start the project.
  7. bigtrain74

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    Time to make your dream a reality.
  8. gr8day

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    Assassin is coming out with a 17 which I was told will be sold for $19500 and an automatic temperature controller is included in that price. It's not on their website yet but if you call and talk to Jeff (owner) he will fill you in on the details. 
  9. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Thanks Gr8day, I will check up with them. Do you have an Assassin yourself or what do you have. 

    I believe you mean $1950 :)
  10. gr8day

    gr8day Smoke Blower

    Yeah I meant $1950 LOL, was in a hurry when I posted.

    I have a WSM 18.5 right now, I have been looking at the smaller Cabinet Smokers, Humphrey's Weeble, 270 Sumo and the Backwoods G2 Chubby, trying to keep my costs under $1800 including the shipping.

    I came across the Assassin Grill which is not insulated except for the door but it comes with a full length water pan so you can cook indirect and I'll have more cook space than I would with the Cabinet Smokers. I don't have a lot of room on my back patio so not only will it replace the WSM it will also replace the Weber Performer and I gain a little space on the patio. Another bonus is it's a little over a 5hr drive so I can pick it up and save money on the shipping plus the grills start out at $600.

    I talked to Jeff about the grill and maybe changing a few things up which is no problem because they are all custom and built to order, I also explained what I have been looking at as far as cookers and he told me about the 17. Good guy won't try to sell you, just give you the info you're looking for, I'd suggest calling he's a little slack on the email.

    God luck in your search. 

    Assassin Grill

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  11. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Thanks Gr8day,

    I will try to give him a call. I am looking at cabinet smokers, as I also have a 18.5 inch WSM.

    But while I am saving I am going to make a stacker to get one more grate on it, it seems pretty easy, so that I am going for. That will give me enough room for ribs etc. :) (let me know if you want the link)

    FYG Stumps have some smaller smokers too, which are cabinet smokers, but not gravity feed smokers, which is what I want. 
  12. gr8day

    gr8day Smoke Blower

    I've looked at the Cajun Bandit Stackers before and was really thinking of ordering one for the Weber Performer, but I have a Weber Gasser which was a X-mas present so I have to keep it plus the Performer and WSM, I want to free up some space so the Assassin Grill will replace both the WSM and Performer.

    I know about the Stumpster and it falls into the price range but I don't like the one door design for both the Firebox and Cook Chamber, I think having separate doors is a superior design as far as keeping temperatures regulated.

    I haven't ordered the Assassin Grill yet because I have a 2nd home on the market right now but as soon as it sells I'll be putting in my order, I've gotten some really good feedback from a couple of owners and I'm just a backyarder who enjoys smoking some meat so it will meet my needs.

    I'm looking for a WSM 14.5 on CL or discounted todo small cooks when it's just my wife and I, plan to store it in the garage and pull it out when needed. I like my WSM and hate to get rid of it but I only have so much room. If I can't find a 14.5 I'll probably just build a Mini.
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  13. I purchased a xl baby from stumps a few months ago. I know there is a size difference so i cant vouch for the capacity. The web site does give a suggestion of how much of certain types of meat it will hold. It is pretty conservative. I will say the quality of the product is awesome, and their customer service cant be beat. I would suggest calling them. I am sure they will help you with whatever you need. Maybe some comparison photos to show how things fit. 

    On a side note. You will not be disappointed. I cant think of anything on mine that i would want changed.

  14. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Gr8day: I think the biggest of the Stumpster, have double doors. But then you might have some issues with space. 

    Believe the problem would also be that the cabinet smokers, will not fullfill your needs for a grill as well. Then there are off-set smokers by Lang, they have made some hybrids, but I don't if it is something you have looked at.

    Butthead66: I am also pretty keen on buying the Baby, but you feel that you have a good capacity compared to what they explained in your XL Baby. I have actually been considering the XL Baby as well, but it is just quite a lot more. 

    I already spoke to Dad at Stumps, and got a good explanation and that the Stumpsters might not be the best fit for me, but the Baby would be better. 

    Do you have some pictures of your XL Baby, and do you find that it is maybe too big for backyard smoker, where you maybe smoke 4-6 baby backs and maybe a bit chicken at the same time. 
  15. Freiesleben, I can post some pictures when i get home. It does not have too big of a footprint. Most of its increased capacity comes from height. I made the decision to get the xl over the baby based on the length of ribs. lol. I have a Smokin-it number 2 that works great but it was too small to smoke ribs without cutting them or placing them diagonally on the rack. The xl has handled full briskets, ribs, and best of all, it handles larger pans for beans and such. It is a bit more, but i didnt want to regret buying too small in the future. On average, you can easily fit 3 to 4 racks of ribs (not sure about beef ribs) per shelf. I will see if i have any ribs in the freezer to place on one of the racks to give you an idea when i post some pics.

  16. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Thanks Butthead66 for the description, would be nice to see a couple of pics. I am also a bit in doubt if it would be better with the Baby XL and they just save up a bit more. But I would say that my max would be maybe 4 baby backs or 3 normal ribs and then 4 chicken halves at a time, or maybe brisket and some other meat. And as you said I do not want to cut the ribs to fit, it needs to fit of the rack.
  17. These two show a 6.5 pound chicken. It was the only thing in the freezer willing to take the stage. Lol
  18. Lol, I guess I need some practice on posting pictures. I thought I had posted 2.
  19. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    Hehe, thanks Butthead66 :) Seems that the XL is a really good size, your meat is not drying out when there is no waterpan? Is it possible to get a picture from the front and when it is closed :)
  20. I will post another picture when I get home this evening. As for the meat drying out, only when I screw up and over cook it. Lol. I have no regrets with this smoker at all.

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