Smoking a Whole Beef Brisket today

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by joes bbq ribs, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. Good Morning Smoking Meat Lovers! It's about 4:30am out here in Phoenix, Arizona today I'm going to smoke a whole Beef Brisket. Just finished firing up my Horizon Smoker pit waiting for the temps to level out and hold around 250 degrees then I'll get the Beef Brisket on the smoker. The Beef Brisket weighed almost 14lbs then after trimming her down she weighed just under 12 lbs wow. I did all my trimming on the Brisket last night and did a basic dry rub on it Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Power and little Paprika for color placed it in the refrigerator overnight and this morning I sprinkled a little Montreal Steak seasoning and just to top it off. :drool Here's a couple pictures for now I'll upload more photos as the smoke/Cook goes on throughout today :yahoo:

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  2. Just and picture update at the 3 hour mark of the Beef Brisket smoke today.

  3. Looking good. Keep posted on the progess
  4. Antrocks22- No worries I'll have more picture as the cook goes on next will be around the wrapping time. :drool

  5. hardcookin

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    Your off to a good start!
  6. Hardcookin- thanks just a little over the 4hr mark temps are building around the 250's so far so good :yahoo:

  7. b-one

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    Brisket sounds good to me!
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  8. Okay update just a little over the 5hr mark on this smoke wrapped the Brisket in foil for the rest of the smoke until temps reach 198 degrees then off it comes let it sit for 30 mins, then I'll cut the top flat off and wrap that back up and place in a cooler for a good he at least. I'll cut the end into 1x1 cubes/ brunt ends and place back on smoker for with its own juices for another hr or so. Here are a couple pictures before and after wrapped :yahoo:
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  9. b-one, thanks for the comment! Yes it does in about 5 more hrs I hope it appears I've hit that stall point wrapped in foil stalled at 185 degrees that's okay just sit back and let it do its thing! :grilling_smilie:

  10. Just and update we are past the stall point ! :yahoo: just need to wait for my internal temperature to hit.

  11. Okay new update! We have reached internal temperatures 198° pulled Brisket off smoker cut flat off and wrapped in foil and placed in cooler covered with a towel. Cut the brunt ends in to 1x1 cubes and placed back onto the smoker for another hour. Here's a couple pictures of the Brisket and the brunt ends cut into cubes.

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    If I wasn't 6000 miles away I would come over for dinner (don't worry I would bring lots of beers).

    My wife is cooking some shitty noodle dish at the moment :(
  13. Okay last post for today :yahoo: anyway the Beef Brisket is done and here is the last of the pictures for you to look at. Brisket turned great only wish the flat was thicker! It was nice and moist and tender and the brunt ends they were to die for like candy nuggets :drool. Tell what you think guys
    As always have a great weekend and Happy Smokin' :grilling_smilie:

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  14. Ahumadora- thanks for the comments! The Brisket was delicious moist and tender lots of flavor too. Beer is key especially on a 12 to 14 hour cook! 😉. Hey sorry to hear your having a noodle dish tonight if you look down below in my last post I made a plate for you 👍.
    Happy Smokin' :grilling_smilie:

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     next weekend I should have my hybrid finished     Brisket time!
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    Nice brisket Joe!  Looks like you nailed the tenderness, and nice smoke ring too!

  17. mike5051- thanks for comments :yahoo: Brisket was nice and tender had great flavor worst thing is I'll have no leftovers 😱 but, that's okay there is always next weekend to do another smoke! :grilling_smilie:
    Happy Smokin'

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    Looks amazing!!!
  19. Ahumadora, sweet make sure you get plenty of pictures for next weekends cook/smoke!

  20. Oh.....those look good!
    Learned a lot from this post.


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