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  1. Just curious, has anyone tried making smoked coffee?  If so, how did it go?  Any tips?

    I am thinking of taking some house blend whole coffee beans and smoking it for an hour or so just to see what it all ends up tasting like.  I love coffee and I love smoked foods, so it just makes sense to try it.

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  2. O MAN let me know how that goes!!! Dang now I have to fire up the smoker and get some coffee on
  3. matts

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    My guess would be smoke it sweet.  Use fruit woods for s subtle smoke.
  4. hookup

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    I like smoked food and coffee too, but together, not for me.
  5. rbranstner

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    Oh boy that doesn't sound good to me at all. But then again I can't stand coffee. Unless it has a lb of sugar and cream in it but either way it gives me a bad stomach.
  6. squirrel

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    I was actually gonna try that with my Amaze-N-Smoker. I bought some 8 o'clock whole beans and plan to cold smoke them using the apple dust. Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks coffee would be good smoked!

    I got the idea after a camping trip, the coffee was brewed over the open fire and had a light smokey flavor. It was sooo good, very mild. I think I'll start out smoking some for 1 hour and go up on the time from there if needed.
  7. harryho

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    Green Coffee roasts at a very high temperature....somewhere between 350 degrees F to 550 deg. F depending on the beans used. The beans have to get to an internal temperature of 350F for the very light, cinnamon roast level to about 480F for very dark French Roasts.

    Once you get to the ideal roast levels, you need to cool the beans very quickly or else the internal temps continue to jump and thus ruins the beans. For coffee roaster, once you get to your ideal roast levels, that's turning back since the internal dynamics of the coffee beans are different once it is cooled down.

    There are, however, wood-fired coffee roasters that can also impart some of the wood-smoke into the beans as they roast, Nothing will stop you from throwing your roasted coffee in a smoker and smoking it further from its current roast level. You can try it. If you have a cold smoker and want to play around, then that might be a better idea.

    I am a coffee roaster so I know a lot about the craft.
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  8. Man this is by far the best site out there 
    I mean we have every type of person and profession.  LOVE THIS PLACE

    Who knew this post would get a pro's answer
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    Now I too really like a good cup of Joe in the morning but I'm not feeling this whole smokey flavored coffee. Yes Dennis this is a great place and we have all kinds here. As much time as I spend here I'm still waiting on the smoked chips or smoked Nike too. I'm sure it won't be long now.
  10. Ok, I will give this a shot this weekend.  I am thinking an hour over nectarine wood should be a good starting point.  I'll document it just in case it turns out good and is worth sharing.  I wouldn't bet on it being good but I am going to try anyway.
  11. scarbelly

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    Like Harryho said coffee roasting is an exacting art. Temp control is everything.I too am a roaster of green beans.  

    If you are going to smoke already roasted beans, I don't think they will pick up much flavor, once they go thru their second crack in the roasting cycle (this is when most roasters look to stop the roasting cycle) they are pretty much done flavor wise-

    I will be following this post to see how it goes

    For anyone interested in a great site about coffee beans and roasting here is one I buy my beans from and their customer service has been great
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    Just curious, but could you add coffee beans to your smoking wood, and smoke something with them?
  13. adiochiro3

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    I love coffee and can't wait to see where this thread goes!  Either smoking coffee or smoking with coffee.  Maybe smoking with coffee while baking a pastry or biscuits???
  14. harryho

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    1 hour in the smoker..........uggh.......

    you'll be burning your beans.  You might as well grind up some mesquite and brew it if that's what you want.

    To a coffee roaster.....that is absolute blasphemy.
  15. scarbelly

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    Having roasted beans for some time and having burnt a couple of batches[​IMG]

    I can tell you without a doubt that you will not like the smell of burning coffee. My roaster is a fairly small one (1/4 cup green beans) and I have set off the smoke alarm many times and the house does not smell fresh again for a couple of days.

    Obviously, we roast a higher temps ( up to 450 degrees) but I can't imagine what it would do to whatever you were smoking.
  16. So I smoked some coffee this weekend.  It was Trader Joe's Smooth and Mellow blend (which we drink everyday) smoked for 1 hour over nectarine wood with heat provided by mesquite lump charcoal.

    Conclusion:  Gross.  I will never do it again.  I would not recommend it.
  17. fftwarren

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    LOL, sorry it didn't pan out. I really thought it would but reading your results made me laugh
  18. harryho

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    Told you!!!
  19. harryho

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    I told you so!
  20. harryho

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