Review of chamber vacuum sealer, Vacmaster vp112

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  2. Sorry for bring up an older post but I need to seal ribs - is this machine big enough to do a rack of ribs?

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  4. Yeah I saw that but then it says bag max is 10x14"
    Just wondering if anyone that has one can do a rack (perhaps rack goes sideways?) and I don't want to cut it in half :(
    Thanks for the quick reply!
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    CS, morning and welcome to the forum.... Hey, It's forgotten... I appreciate your reply.... IGNORE my very harsh response.... I do my best to protect our sponsors... This is a great forum and we need their support.... If you choose the deal with Vacuum Sealers Unlimited, Lisa is a great person to deal with... She carries top quality products, and has TOP quality customer service and gives members a break on certain inventory.... give her a call and see what she can do for you.......

    Please take a moment and stop into " /Roll Call/ " and introduce yourself and get a proper welcome from our members.... Also, if you would note your location in your profile, it will help in the future when answering questions about smokin'... elevation, humidity etc....
    We're glad you stopped in and joined our group... Enjoy the long smokey ride.... Dave
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    Wow its amazing ...I like your information....
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    I've read on other sites about vacmaster vp 112 that the lid cracked after about 6 mo. to a year.  What is the thickness of the lid?
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    Not sure. I've not heard that. I've gone through 500 bags.

    In this thread there's a supplier of this equipment, ask her?
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    Lisa B, Since you sell them and I will probably purchase a vp112 this month I need a quick answer.  I have read on other sites that there is a problem with the plastic lid and it cracks after a few months. What is the thickness of the plastic lid?
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    I think that I talked to you on the phone....

    I sell hundreds of these units, and I sell very few replacement lids.  VacMaster redesigned the lids last spring and I haven't heard of any problems at all. 


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    Aside from being a sponsor, Lisa is great to work with.

    She has saved me a bunch of money.  Well sort of?  The low cost of her great bags has a drawback.  I now use my sealer a lot more and with a lot less guilt!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Yes, Once you have moved to a chamber Vac you will not look back. It is not just smoked cheese and cooked meat etc. you can make things like BBQ sauce or stock in quantity and vac pack for compact storage. It is good to vac pack your ribs and joints to marinade overnight once you have put on the rub as it helps keep the flavours in close contact with the meat.
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    Wade, evening.....   I don't know about you Brits.... Over here, we don't marinate joints....  makes them hard to light....   [​IMG]
  14. Smoked 'Colorado' brownies...sounds interesting... :)
  15. Can you vacuum and seal outside of the chamber on the 112 model?
    Will the mason jar attachment work with the canister port?
    How is the piston if it sits for periods of time, basically a few months?
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    I have 2  of the vp112 units  both units run 7-10 hrs per day from sept to feb (Deer season in NJ) I also use the vac port for canisters and ball mason jars.  the units WORK.enough said.  only wish is to be able to go more then 9 sec seal time  do not think they will seal 4mil bags.
  18. For the mason jars, what attachment are you using?? If using the foodsaver one, are you also using the foodsaver hose? Large or small mouth jars?
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     am using the foodsaver mason jar top units  the hose is foodsaver adpt on one end and the adpt that comes with ~~the vp112  just remember to turn the seal time to 3 sec.  I also use the fs canasters the same way.  makes jerky mmmmmm good 
  20. I ordered one a week ago for my Birthday present to myself. They are back ordered until 21 March and Lisa made sure I knew this!  Great customer service. You will not find a lower price anywhere. $539.99 for the machine and $24.99 for 300 bag combo pack with fedex ground 13.78  total   $578.76
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