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Discussion in 'Curing' started by pops6927, Aug 30, 2011.

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    Well, first let's check out what prep you've done.

    Is it a fresh ham or fresh front arm shoulder?

    Either way, if it is bone-in, you need to inject it with the curing brine first, then put it in the brine and hold it down with a weight (I use a half-filled ziploc of water).

    For a front arm shoulder, minimum brining time would be 10 days.

    For a fresh ham, minimum brining time would be 14 days.

    If only 5 days, esp. with no injection, you risk the cure not reaching the inner parts of the product and it would be like fresh pork inside:

    If this happens, no curing would be present and the inner pork would spoil after 4-5 days, risking a health hazard.

    Not worth it nor the ER bills.
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    A  picture is worth a thousand words, sure holds true with that photo!  Thanks Pops!

    You can see that un-cured portion plain as day!  Nice photography.

    Just think folks, and remember, to thank the people like Pops and others. who take the time and effort to educate us.

    They have to wreck a piece of meat before it's time, take the pic, get it into their computer and maybe edit, or crop it, a bit.

    Then they take time to read and answer questions, in threads and Pm's, then post the photo's and explain it, over & over again.

    They do this day after day, just so us newbies can click and see.

    We may think this stuff is simple to show.  It isn't!

    It's very time consuming, and comes from wanting to help others with learning, as well as insuring our safety, the best they can.

    Hat's off to Pops, and all the many other members, who do this stuff day in and day out!  They are dedicated & under-appreciated.
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    thanks for keeping us safe.
  4. smoker21

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    I can never say thanks enough to everyone for all the help I've received here!!
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    I look at the picture above and wonder how does one know if the inside of their meat looks this way or not before cooking, I have about an 8 pound but in brine now been in there for maybe 10 days I did inject brine into the meat but just curious how one would know for sure with out cutting it open to check?

    Also is the brine a one time use thing or can I put something else in it when I take the butt out?
  6. fpmich

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    Without experience, you probably won't know shtdave, without cutting and looking,

    unless, you follow Pops guidelines for amount of time in brine. Then it will be cured all the way through. 

    That's why it's wise to follow an OTBS members recommendations.  They have the experience and know what they are doing, and what is safe.

    Also a couple extra 2 or 3 days in brine does no harm at all.  But a few days shorter in brine, can do harm.  If you are going to try shorter brine time then slice and test, or use a stronger brine recipe.  From what I've read, Pops brine is considered a mild (weak, but safe) brine, so longer soak times are needed.  But his Dad, and he, believed it produced better quality meat product.

    There are a lot of brine/cure info on this site, but finding, sorting, and understanding is another thing.  I'm still pulling my hair out over this curing thing. (If I had any hair, that is :)

    Good Luck to you and I.  LOL

    Remember they started out just like us, clueless until learning and experience kicked in.
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    This was a pork loin that I was making Canadian Bacon out of...... Pops cure is one of the easiest recipes for curing that I have used..... The main thing is, don't rush it !!!! Give it the time it needs to do its thing.......an extra day, and this would have been all this would have needed......and it would have been perfect .......... The hardest most difficult part of Pops recipe is what he left out of the recipe........ and that's LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!! You can't rush purfection !!!!!! I have have to learn patients and control from following is hobby........ Being apart of this group has taught my so much...... Thanks...... ShoneyBoy
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  8. pops6927

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    No, it is a one-use system.  Throw it away and use fresh brine.  Don't forget, the brine is soaking into the meat and the meat is soaking into the brine, depositing blood and bacteria in it so it should never be "re-used".  Thank you so much for asking that question!

    You can leave meat in the brine for up to 45 days safely (depending on the condition of the brine, may need to change it if it gets ropy).  And, as it is not at its strongest level possible, over-curing is not a factor.

    Thank you, Shoneyboy, also - couldn't remember where or who I snagged that Qview from, lol!  It is a great shot and does exemplify what under-curing can do.
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  9. I'm fairly new to this site.  I read the post by others and have learned a lot.  I don't think they are under-appreciated at all.  I have to come to the conclusion that the best way to learn something new is to seek and follow the advice of those who already know what they are doing.  There are a lot of good people on here who have been at this for awhile and are willing the help and teach us new people so we can be safe and successful.  For that I am grateful.  There is no better way to learn then from listening to those who have been there before.  I give a big thankyou to all of you experience folks out there willing to help the rest of us learn this great hobby.
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  10. Nicely and accurate said!!  
  11. integritybbq

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    I agree, thanks to all the experienced members!!! Lord knows I have asked TONS of questions!! 
  12. Can I cut up a pork butt and put in brine then grind up as sausage. Want to smoke it.  Or, do i just need to add cure to the my normal fresh grind procedure?
  13. pops6927

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    What are you making?
  14. breakfast sausage...just wanna give it some smoke flavor.  I can cold smoke in winter but when I run out in summer wanna make sure I can make it safely
  15. reinhard

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    I have added ham to fresh sausage for extra flavor as i have smoked bacon.  If your making smoked sausage there is no need to brine the pork butt but to use the insta cure for the entire batch.  Use your fresh pork butt, grind it, [i put all the seasonings and cure in the correct amount of water] add the seasonings,cure, and liquid and mix well.  i grind it once more at this time [first time course and second time medium depending what sausage you are making].  Then let the mix set overnight in the fridge to let the seasonings and cure blend in.  Next day stuff and smoke it.  Hope this answers the question. 

    I also have to add that i thank Pop's for his knowledge and developing his brine.  I have two boneless pork loins in his brine right now for canadian bacon.  I have used it many times and pass it on to my friends to show them how to make canadian bacon and buckboard.  Thanks Pop's. Reinhard
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  16. Reinhard..I am assuming you are saying Cure#1.  I have never added water when making sausage, although I have only made it once.  What is the correct liquid amount per pound of sausage?  What is the purpose of adding water? The cure I am guessing you are using 1/2 tsp per #?
  17. reinhard

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    Yes the cure i talked about is Cure # 1 [the pink stuff]. The purpose of adding water is for added moisture.  It also helps lubricate the stuffing tube, making it easier to stuff. Another thing i do is to mix all the seasonings and the cure in the water and then pouring it over the meat.  This helps distribute the seasonings and cure evenly through the meat.  It's a good idea to let the meat set in the fridge overnight so the seasonings and the cure can blend in the meat mix.  I first grind the meat once through a course plate, then pour the liquid with the seasonings and cure over the meat. Then i grind the mix one more time through the medium plate and then put it in the fridge overnight for the next days stuffing.

    I use dry powdered milk when i make sausage [fresh or smoked]. This is a binder, and helps retain the moisture in the sausage mix. I just made 25 pounds of venison polish for example which i used 1 cup of dry'd powderd milk per 5 pounds of meat and used a total of 5 1/2 cups of water for the whole batch.  This makes for a sticky final product which is the texture you want. I will post some pics in the Sausage Forum later of the polish.  The correct amount of cure #1 is 1 tsp per 5 pounds of sausage mix.  Sorry didn't want to hyjack this excelent thread so maby any further questions should be in the Sausage Forum where i will post the venison polish pics.  Reinhard
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  18. Thanks Reinhard.  I didn't put any water in the first batch of sausage I make.  Didn't see that in Pops country style breakfast sausage thread. Still tasted good.  Will look for your post in other forum.
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    How long would you brine a pork loin (4 pounds) ???
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