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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by cloudmaker, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. I have smoked pork shoulder and Boston butt on my Weber Genesis gas grill before, but through the encouragement of two friends who compete professionally on a BBQ team I have finally made the move to a charcoal smoker (Chargriller). My first effort was two racks of baby back ribs and my second was (yeah, I know I'm crazy) EIGHT racks of ribs (hey, we had company and we were hungry ok?). No one died, so I guess I'm on the right track so far. Next step......Chicken so the Mrs can use the pulled meat for enchiladas and some Costa Rican chicken and rice. I look forward to all of the info in the forums! - Cloudmaker
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    Welcome, like Ken said we can have you up with them in no time. Have fun in here.
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome Cloudmaker.
  5. welcome to the SMF. Looking forward to the Qview's
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    Welcome, and don't forget the QVIEW, we love that here.
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    Welcome to the SMF family. Great place full of smokin smarts.
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    Grettings, Cloudmaker!!
    You will love it here, nice peeps with lots of great info!
    I must beg for the chicken and rice recipe....YUMMY
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    Welcome'll love it here..I'm assuming you make "THIN BLUE CLOUDS"???
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    Welcome, Cloudmaker! Sounds like you have some really good friends. Speaking of good friends, mind if we camp out in your yard next May?
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    Welcome to SMF Cloud! Soon you'll be giving pointers to your buds :{)
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    I know that I have found chicken to be very easy to make in the smoker and yet soooooo good. You can get a good deal on chicken at Costco. I think I made four whole chickens and only had $12 in the meat. Good luck and take care.
  13. welcome to smf may all of your time here on the forum & smoking be fun & a success. Brian
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    Welcome aboard you will like it here lots of friendly helpful folks here
  15. Okay, after obtaining approval from the Department of the Interior here's the recipe. We have always used boiled chicken, but I'm drooling to do it with bird from the smoker!
    *Add Olive Oil to hot pan
    *brown 2 cloves crushed/chopped garlic and 2 cups white rice
    *once browned, add twice as much chicken broth as rice used
    *add 1 12 oz can diced tomatoes (Rotel if you prefer)
    *add 1-2 cups chopped bell peppers
    Simmer and cook covered-stirring occasionally.
    While cooking rice, pull meat from 1 whole chicken into bite-sized pieces.
    *Add Olive Oil to hot pan and brown chicken
    When rice is almost done, add chicken and stir. Add salt & pepper to taste.
    Serve with Salsa & Hot Sauce.

    Now I've got myself drooling! GOT TO smoke some chicken this week!
  16. May? Something happens around here in May? *grins wickedly* Why do you think it has driven me crazy NOT to have a smoker? That is the month here that every pig for several hundred miles is either on a smoker, about to be...or is in hiding.-Cloudmaker
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    Welcome to the forum Cloudmaker!
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    Cloudmaker, you've just joined the best smokin' site on Mother Earth. Looking forward to your next smoke, and Q View too.
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    welcome. keep getting info and your food can only get better... HMMMMMM... MAY?? yeah, lots of people wanting in your yard I bet.
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    Welcome. The folks here are as helpful as they are encouraging.

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