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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by lostarrow, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Sand buggy where I live is about as useful as a snowblower! [​IMG]

    My lines go up and down so maybe I'm ok. But, I got mine last September so maybe they had more than one supplier since that date should make mine "old" style. So far I've had numerous smokes (2-3 per week most weeks) in cold and hot weather, large and small loads (6 briskets almost 87 lbs this weekend in back-to-back smokes) and haven't had any problems yet.
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    I got my 30 inch MES last December and the lines run around the foot in rings so that sounds like the old supplier. They planning any recalls? haha.

    Could be a big liability if someone got electrocuted. We aren't talking just about a smoker on the blink. I don't want to be charred like my brisket.
  3. Thanks again for the info and leg work John. As of now mine is still heating, but the last couple of times I have used it, seems like the temps were so low for a long long period of time. I am wondering if it might be ready to go... Mine is the old version apparently cuz the treads on the front go around, not up and down. I wouldn't expect this this time of year since it is hotter outside now as oppose to the weekend when it got hotter quicker. Without tearing into it, I am thinking maybe the connection isn't as solid as it should be on the heating element, as in some resistance at the connector... Just theorizing ;)

    WILL keep an eye on it, and will call CS if it continues.

    aka Rocky
  4. scubadoo97

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    Seems there is some conflict from two CS people at MB as to which units are new. Let's wait for a confirmation from ronp.

    Sooooo. Today I went looking for high temp quick disconnect terminals and wire. Not easy to find. I was able to pick up some terminals but the hardware store and two appliance service dept said they don't sell high temp wiring. One appliance dealer said high temp wire went up to over $20/ft so they stopped carrying it.

    I know I can find it on line but I mentioned that I wish I would have cannibalized my old electric stove. He said "we have a couple in the back that you are welcome to look at and see what you can find". Found a glass top stove and yanked every bit of heavy wire out of it I could get to.

    Walked away with a major handful of 14-16 gauge high temp wiring with terminals. Most of it with braided insulation. The non braided wire list 125 * C 600 V. Cost was my time of 20 min.


    So anyone looking to beef up their MES wiring head to the nearest appliance dealer or thrift store where they may have some junked electric ranges waiting to be picked up for scrap. Bring a socket wrench set and a knife. I had to borrow a 1/4 inch socket to remove all the screws on this range.
  5. scubadoo97

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    Part of the loot. Gauges range from a couple of 20 awg to 14 awg. The mother load was 16 awg. After cutting the terminal on the MES I found the internal wires to measure 14 awg. I spliced an extension on to the short wire that goes on the left contact and will replace the other one that runs from the thermostat to the element with a longer high temp wire and terminal. I hope to squeeze these on real tight to reduce any arcing. I hope to take some pictures of the upgrade.
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    I just purchase a 40 inch from Sams this week. My feet run around not up and down so it looks like I have an old unit.

    Any tips on how to get it replaced with in the 90 day warranty?

    I did purchase the 3 year extended warranty to go with it because I read they are know to have issue's.

    I am just thinking it would be much easier to get it replaced from the manufacture rather then go through the extended warranty company.
  7. scubadoo97

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    There appears to be conflict as to which are older or newer units based on line of front feet. Ronp on another thread got the opposite information from a CS rep at MB.
  8. ronp

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    I took mine back to Sam's and got another one on the spot, no hassel at all. They didn't even look at it.
  9. chrism

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    Ron, Just curious. What issue did you have with your MES ? Just picked one up on Wednesday. Thanks
  10. ronp

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    I had an element go out after about 100 smokes.
  11. scubadoo97

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    Here are some photos of my attempt to beef up the wiring and secure the connections using wires taken from an electric range.

    I spliced on an extension to the wire that goes from the power supply to the heating element. This was soldered securely and the terminals fit very snug now. I did not attempt to wrap the terminal connections with electrical tape or solder them. They didn't seem to need it on the range from where they were removed. Over time I will do visual inspections of these terminals. The extra length should help reduce pull from the wood tray.

    I also replaced the wire from the thermostat to he element as well as the ground wire. They all have more slack now.

    Just a shot of the new wire coming from the thermastat

    Looking forward to any feedback from shotsky. The terminals appear to be a different metal but that's also the way they were in the range from where they came. The spades were not the same as the female terminals. I did check. Please let me know if this is a disaster waiting to happen. [​IMG]
  12. jsdspif

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    my terminals went bad right after the warranty expired . That was about 2 years ago . I just replaced the terminals with ones I got at the hardware store (my hardware called them appliance terminals ) I believe they were stainless steel . I think the ones that came with the unit were just made of Chinese pot metal and then being shipped here they get exposed somewhat salt air and then combine with the heat when you start to use it and they just disintegrate (sp?) . Anyway , I just replaced those terminals , using the original wire and that was about 2 years ago and mine has worked fine ever since . I'm going to just say I've probably used it between 125 to 175 smokes since the fix with no problems.
  13. farnsworth

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    Well, as seems to be the pattern, just a month after the warranty ran out my element stopped working in the middle of a smoke. I was doing a roast, which got transferred to the kitchen for completion, so no loss on the dinner side.

    Luckily, all you good folk had forewarned me and I was able to diagnose the problem quickly. I went to Canadian Tire, which is a second home to any Canadian handyman, and for $5 bought a set of fibreglass braided 30 inch oven wires (for repair to electrical stove elements) and found that the connectors had indeed been the burn-out point.

    My display had also been giving me trouble - the control kept working but the display wouldn't always show all of the numbers without pushing and twisting the panel (I suspect a cold-solder joint on one of the display connections on the circuit board but it is potted with silicone so I didn't want to go digging into it).

    Masterbuilt service was very helpful and delivered me a replacement control panel for $15 plus $8 for shipping.

    I'm back in action with minimal downtime thanks your advice - thanks folks!

  14. deltadude

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    Thats great Farnsworth, getting your smoke baby working again, hopefully for 10 years more instead of 1 year.

    I think that is one of the great things about the MES, even if Masterbuilt closed their doors, you can easily repair the MES and there are controllers out there to substitute for the OEM controller.
  15. hewl35

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    For those looking for high temp wire and terminations look at they are an electrical supply company. I would dollars to doughnuts that McMaster -Carr has them also.

    Just bought my 30" Masterbiult smoker today. Seasoned it earlier and now smoking some flounder with apple chips.

  16. texacajun

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    Just so you know masterbuilt does make a wire and connector for this issue.I ordered their new heating element and this is part of that kit. If you call them i sure they would be happy to help you out instead of doing it on your own. By the way it is still 16 gauge high temp wire. I did a upgrade with 12 gauge wire my self and posted the MOD on the forum if that helps.
  17. scubadoo97

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    So how do the repair wires from MB differ from the crapy ones they comes with?
  18. texacajun

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  19. scubadoo97

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    I guess what I meant was are these connectors any better than the originals.

    I did a rewire on mine a few months after purchase after reading the number of burn outs that have popped up here.

    Figured it was better than being in a big smoke and having a melt down.
  20. 2007flstc

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    I had the same problem with mine and fixed it, but would like to do a complete rewiring. I just do not know where to get high temp wire. Where did all of you find it?

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